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    work and qualifications

    I've been reading the threads over the last few days about moving to Turkey and differing experiences and it made me think about our options. We used to consider moving over but forgot about the idea until recently. We are thinking about life changing options and one of them includes Turkey...
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    school and qualifications!!!!!

    If my children were to be enroled into a turkish school, i understand that they start at 7, are there for 8 years take an exam (OKS), then depending on points they go to a high school, are there for 3 years. Then again an exam is taken(OSS) and depending on points you can go to uni. Or basically...
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    Lawyers qualifications?

    Hi, I have started a new thread about this as my original message seems to have got lost in another post. Can anyone tell me to what professional body a qualified lawyer in Turkey should belong ? Also can you tell me please where I can check the credentials of the lawyers, perhaps a website...
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