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    pvc cladding

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me where I can buy PVC cladding for the outside of my house. It usually comes in 5 metre lengths and is 15 - 20 cm wide per strip. I am not looking for an installer, but just the cladding itself. I haven't seen it anywhere although I do see it on houses and walls thus it...

    PVC patio door not closing

    My Large PVC Patio door seems to be falling off its rollers and it's quite difficult to close. The property is 10 years old. I'm in the Turgutreis area. Can someone recommend a handyman who can fix this or should I call into one of the local window/door suppliers ?
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    PVC Cladding on "Kumkent" Akbuk.

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned. We have bought a house on the "Kumkent" complex in Akbuk. Is there any other members got a house on there? We have noticed that many houses on the complex have had a White PVC Cladding fitted to the outside of their homes to improve their...
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    PVC Cladding

    We have bought a 3 bedroom duplex (I think that's what they call 'em) on the Kumkent Complex in Akbuk. I have noticed a lot of owners on there are having a sort of PVC Cladding fitted to the outside of their homes to enhance their appearance and maybe protect the plaster. Anybody know who does...
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    pvc doors

    hi does enybody know if enybody in altinkum puts in french doors iwould like to no if they are as expensive as england we have bought a older turkish apart ithink they are called hakan aparts small doors on the back leading on to garden but would like big doors to open out to have full...
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