1. IbrahimAbi

    Putting Tapu into both names

    Reading recent threads about inheritance and problems with probate made me think about the tapu on our place which is only in my name. Does anyone know the rough costs involved with putting it into both my and the missus' names? Is it the same as paying the purchase tax on a place of about half...
  2. S

    Putting things in perspective

    We moan and whinge about our lives and things like our sat tv or our wifi won't work how stupid we are Last weekend I went to a football club dinner dance where the guest speaker was a guy called Anto Finnegan a former Antrim GAA captain Anto stumbled to the podium and explained how a year...
  3. arrian

    Putting up the Christmas tree.

    i have never,in 45 years, put the Christmas tree up before December 1st, until TODAY!! my grand daughters 4 year old had seen decorations in neighbours windows, and kept asking his mum to do the same, so a few days ago they did it between them, and he has done a lovely job without being told...

    Turkey just has to be different !.

    Turkey switches to summer time one day later 11 March 2011, Friday / TODAY’S ZAMAN, İSTANBUL The Cabinet has decided to move daylight saving time -- when clocks are moved forward one hour to make better use of daylight -- one day later because 1.5 million students will take a...
  5. T

    putting English car in 'Bond'?

    Does anyone know the proceedure, or where I can find out about placing my car in 'bond' at the airport when I leave Turkey to renew my 3 month Visa?
  6. A

    putting things in its perspective.

    here goes, i have wanted to write this for a while but only now i feel ready. last july me family 3 children my wife,mother and father and my mother inlaw all went to our house in akbuk for 5 weeks. before we went the year started off great plently of work everyone happy and looking forward to...
  7. ceemac

    Putting Your Pet Through UK Quarantine

    'If you’ve been living abroad and are returning to live in the UK with your beloved pet, you may be lucky enough to be returning from a country that is a member of PETS, the pet travel scheme that exists between certain nations and allows the free transportation of qualifying animals...
  8. Glen

    Putting a photo on profile

    I have uploaded a picture to my profile which says it is in my profile picture but does not show against my name when posting. Help!
  9. shirleyanntr

    putting your foot in it in style

    heres a confession ive been holding back on but with the aid of tonic..and a drop oıf vodka..i am now brave enough to tell you about the ''dust up in Datça' We had a great time..till i decided to call into the next door bar at the end of the evening..well Maradona was getting a bit too familiar...
  10. B

    Hassle... Putting off Holidaymakers?

    Just read this about the Hasslers in Altinkum this early in the season. It's the one thing we disliked about Altinkum when we first came, and the main reason we chose to buy in Akbuk. Here is a sample of the article... ..."NO sooner had the first tourists landed in Didim for a quiet holiday in...
  11. greeny

    putting in own Safe

    How much is a safe to buy & whats the best way of putting one in and where in the home is best to put one. Jane
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