1. kody

    Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?

    Kanga asked "Is it time to put Coronavirus threads together?", I think yes, what do other members think? The down side would be the size but new posts would be in one place at least.
  2. Mushtaq

    Has TLF run it's course and should be put to sleep?

    For a while now I am getting the feeling that maybe time has come to close this forum down. There seem to be mainly argument between very few members about the same things, often there is much mud slinging and complaints to mods. My main reasons for starting this forum was to exchange...
  3. B

    Will we ever put men on the planet Mars?

    Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on plans to colonise Mars - BBC News I think that it will happen, but not in my lifetime unfortunately. Bill.
  4. bickern

    Turkey to put additional import tax on electronic goods

    I fail to see how this is a good thing. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Turkish economy minister Nihat Zeybekci has said the country will put additional import taxes on electronic goods in the upcoming days. “We’ll take special measures in additional customs...
  5. O

    put linux mint on

    my xp expired and my pc is old so i downloaded linux mint cinamon 32 bit and it seems to be working apart from a message in a black box on the desktop that says i dont have correct video driver and that it is using too much cpu. it seems to be working ok though but i dont know what to do about...
  6. O

    took middle earth advice and put linux on now have problem

    i went to web page at popcorntime.io and clicked download beta 3.7 then it says in a box opening Popcorn-time- then underneath it says you have chosen to open Popcorn-time- would you like to save this file so i said clicked save file. it has downloaded...
  7. juco

    Be careful where you put your money!

    OK this for America, but remember what happened in Cyprus! They were trying to push through similiar for the EU but not sure if it happened or not. New Banking Rules Will Devastate Depositors As Your Money Becomes Theirs In The Next Crisis - Patriot Rising
  8. bickern

    Put windows 8.1 on your TV

    Intel wants to challenge Amazon and Google with its device-on-a-stick capable of serious computing. But why wait until Santa Clara green-lights and outs the thumb-sized PC it recently teased? Folks looking to live on the bleeding edge of tech innovation can board the Windows PC-on-a-stick...
  9. juco

    Put the lights off!

    Personally I would like for them to do more on this, it would be nice to see the stars again. They could at least dim them down say after 11.00pm or off all together. or operated by a PIR after a certain time. As for an increase in burglary, thay are more easily spotted if they have to use a...
  10. suzyq

    Russell Crowe’s film to put Kayaköy on the map

    The shooting of Russell Crowe’s ‘The Water Diviner’ ends in Istanbul. Some scenes will also be shot in the western village of Kayaköy, which will be a good opportunity for its promotion Officials in the western province of Fethiye’s Kayaköy district hope the filming of some scenes of Australian...
  11. S

    Poor Marius

    Never liked zoos myself- then the Royal Family thread got me thinking about inbreeding. Old Windsors are lucky they are not living off their benefits in Denmark BBC News - 'Surplus' giraffe put down at Copenhagen Zoo
  12. giglets

    "Put up the Blackout Curtains, Kill the Cat”

    What an unnecessary slaughter - At the beginning of World War II, a government pamphlet led to a massive cull of British pets. As many as 750,000 British pets were killed in just one week. This little-discussed moment of panic is explored in a new book. The cull came as the result of a...
  13. shirleyanntr

    did she put a spell on hım

    you dont need to understand Turkish to see whats going on here. this ıs a clip from a show where people are judged by a panel to see who is telling the truth. the couple in the show are getting a divorce ... the man has a problem with speaking ..he cant get his words out he found a muska ..an...
  14. altinkum kev

    New Visa put on hold ?????

    Just found this today . New visa laws cancelled Aegean Independent Fethiye.
  15. E

    Can a put a uk cheque into turkish bank?

    Hi all i was wondering what to do as my hubby has just got a tax rebate cheque but the problem is we are no longer in the uk and we are unsure about what to do with it, does anyone know if we could put into his Turkish bank or what we could do thanks
  16. T

    How do you put an elephant in a fridge?

    OK :D so..jokes....this might be the most stupid joke ever....some people laugh at it..some just usually stare at me when i ask that :D so...how do you put an elephant in a fridge ? :D please tell me what you think...don't google it :D
  17. E

    How do I get the correct price put on my TAPU?/ Tapu Value

    Hi steve, did you get the correct purchase price recorded on your tapu. I am struggling to understand exactly what purchase price has been recorded on my 50% purchase. My recent chat with carol has left me more worried about what is registered at the tapu office. Could you or carol kindly check...
  18. bigred

    I packed my bag and in it I put......?

    Remember this game you used you play on long journeys when you were a kid? Well each time I visit Turkey, I usually end up with a "next time I come, I must remember to bring...X." list. What is on your must bring list? Or if you live in Turkey and have somebody visiting you from abroad - what...
  19. D

    forgot to put 20kg baggage allowance on tc

    i live in turkey and have just booked my annual pilmigrage to the uk for just over the month-i had to book with tc as 2 single journies but i have forgotten to book the 20kg allowance for the return trip from the uk to turkey--the system keeps telling me to ring an 0871 number at 10p pmin and...
  20. arrian

    Help put f/b photos on forum

    apologies for the duplicate thread, but i realised that the other one would probably be ignored by the ones i need help from, as it wasn't very clear!! my uncle has put some photos on his f/b wall, including one of my great uncle who died at Gallipoli in 1915. it also shows his grave, the...
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