1. bal canavar

    Need a push start ??

    Roping in passengers to give your car a push is a well-known tactic for battling ice, but rarely employed when it comes to passenger jets This video shows Russian travelers having to push-start their own plane after its landing gear became frozen at an airport in the Siberian town ...
  2. J

    Push bike for sale

    We want to sell my daughters bike, it has hardly been used and is in excellent condition, for aged ten upwards - offers please
  3. shirleyanntr

    when push comes to shove

    or what happens when crooks fall out here is my simplified version of events so far and i know we have had a lot of threads on a similar theme..but none with a cliffhanger... the police the judiciary and security services have long been in the hands of the Cemaat ..the independence of the...
  4. S

    Wanted - Ladies push bike in good condition

    Anyone got a ladies bicycle they would like to get rid of? Please let me know
  5. teosgirl

    religion in School and the PM's push for his "conservative youth"

    POLITICS - Choose religious elective courses for your children, Turkish PM advises parents A child attending state middle school (age 10-14) must now select 3 lessons, ranging from science, Turkish, languages, maths, sports, drama and 3 religious courses which include learning about the Koran...
  6. B

    push bikes

    I am looking to buy two bikes one ladies and one mans, has anyone got either or both for sale somewhere in the Dalyan area
  7. M

    push bike repairs

    Hi everyone Does anyone know if there is someone who repairs bikes in or around akbuk the gears need fixing.
  8. Anne

    Anyone want a push?

    It's a dark, miserable, cold night. A couple are sound asleep when the doorbell rings. The husband goes down. There is a very happy, slightly drunk, chap at the door asking "for a push". The husband tells him in no uncertain terms to go away. He returns to the warmth of his bed. His wife...
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