1. C

    Purchasing Bicycles in Yalikavak

    :help: I am seeking your advice in regard to bicycles during our stay in Yalikavak.We are 2 adults and a six year old whom is well able to cycle and without Stabilisers. Do I buy or rent? We Visit yearly and have our own place near the village a few minutes from the Thursday Market. With...
  2. teosgirl

    purchasing contact lenses online

    Hi, I'm sure this issue has been covered before, but I tried the search facility which came up blank. Does anyone order contact lenses online and have them delivered to Turkey (if purchased outside Turkey)? And if so, which company do you use and how reliable is the service? I tried...
  3. S

    Purchasing New Without Getting Ripped Off

    Hello, Just some info for others. After searching the local area for a 3G aerial(no one has them) and 1.5m Satellite dish(was quoted 300TYL) I stumbled upon sahibinden.com. I found the goods here very competitively price and tried to purchase using a credit card which failed as it was at our UK...
  4. A&P

    Restrictions on non nationals purchasing a property in Bodrum

    Hi We are researching the possibility of purchasing a home in central Bodrum. What restrictions apply to non nationals owning property in this area? and do they apply to certain areas only or a defined location or are they set to a distance from a key point? How would we be able to tell if a...
  5. C

    Advice on Purchasing

    :50:Like most people I too would like to buy house in Turkey as a 2nd home and holiday lets. Many of you have already went ahead of me either long ago or recently, I have no doubt most of you are happy with everything equally some of you might have bad experiences, I am almost certain many of...
  6. G

    Purchasing in Side

    Hi All I am relatively new to the site so any advice would be greatly appreciated. We have holidayed in Side for the last 4 years and know the area reasonably well. We are thinking of purchasing a 3 bed roomed property. We see it as a lifestyle choice and not necessarily an investment...
  7. M

    purchasing televisions

    good morning all we are coming out there 23rd august with a view to purchase a tv for our villa can anyone recomend a good make any type and also a approx cost we are based in ovacik thankyou martin
  8. M

    purchasing a new car

    hi, ive been told that turkey has relaxed their laws and to purchase a new car you no longer need residensey but must have tax number is this correct? thanks
  9. GnD

    What Changes Would You Like To See For Property Purchasing

    Your top suggestions that if implemented might make property purchasing safer. Here are my somewhat niiave offerings; 1. Tapu on line system. This could be checked via internet for ownership details and for any debts held against the property. 2. Once sale proceeds the tapu on line is...
  10. Yalides

    Purchasing v leasing

    Purchasing The math’s on the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce is as follows: After 5 years of marriage, he paid her $49 million. Assuming he had sex every night during their 5 year relationship it ended up costing him $26,849 per time. Leasing On the other...
  11. val2661

    Purchasing On Line In Turkey

    Hi Can anyone help me please? I want to purchase a Beko hob which I have found on a Turkish on-line website. This is a lot cheaper than the prices I have been quoted in the local High Street Beko store. Has anyone bought on-line from a Turkish website and also can I purchase using my...
  12. H

    purchasing property in bodrum

    Has anyone bought or bying a property from Barfa builders bodrum or had problems with this building company.
  13. K

    Purchasing off Plan

    Can anyone tell me if you purchase off plan and its not due for completion until 2009, and you have paid half of the Price up front and you know that you can not complete the sale are you legally entitled to any money back, if so what would that be. cheers
  14. B

    just returned after purchasing new home

    :36: :36: :splat: :music: just returned home late sunday night after a nice two weeks in altinkum, purchased an apartment, paid two much for some things as usual on holiday and got hassled by restaurant owners who lost my trade as i may have ate in their restaurant if they gave me peace to...
  15. D

    Danish Citizens Purchasing Property in Turkey

    Hi everyone. I am at present trying to find out the rules and procedures for Danish citizens who wish to purchase property in Turkey and I am not having much success! Do any of you know the ins and outs of this? If so could you please share this information with me? Thanks a lot. Debbie.xx
  16. D

    New Purchasing Laws?

    Hello again everyone Has anyone heard whether the government have decided on the new laws for purchasing property in Turkey? We are getting concerned because we have booked to go out to Kalkan on 31st October thinking we would be getting our Tapu then and it looks unlikely that it will be ready...
  17. lorraine

    Explaining the new law on purchasing

    In the Land of Lights today I spotted this article from the resident Lawyer on his view of the new purchasing law, very clear and to the point. Law and Order Fethiye Lawyer Writen by Mark Hammami Land of Lights Wow, what a week! Its been like Chinese whispers. I've had the most emails this...
  18. CrescentHomes

    No more purchasing by foreigners!

    I have just read an article reporting the Supreme Court in Ankara has annuled the law regarding foreigners purchasing property in Turkey from tomorrow on. As many of you know there was a three months deadline for the parliament to make the necessary amendments. But within the deadline the new...
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