1. D

    Just purchased

    7 months ago I decided I wanted to buy a holiday home. Eventually I decided on Turkey & have susiquently now purchased a beautiful duplex with uninterrupted sea views from all of the rooms including when laid in the bath ! Happy to report the entire process was totally hassle free thanks to...
  2. G

    Help needed with a turkish plated car purchased abroad

    Good evening everyone and thanks for allowing me to join your group. I have searched up and down the internet and this forum was the only place I could find being close to what we need to find out. We live in London and have recently purchased a left hand drive vehicle from a local auction...
  3. Z

    Purchased Property on Phase 2

    Has anyone reading this purchased or agreed to buy property on the "present" construction project Phase 2. As i'm not sure the 50 plus people who have are aware that the apartment layouts for Phase 2 are totally different to the ones they where shown around and exist on Phase 1. The 3 bedroomed...
  4. D

    I've Purchased a Bulgarian Home

    Hi. Just purchased a new Bulgarian House in the Elhovo region. It seems now that many ex-pats that use to live in Turkey (and from Spain & Portugal for that matter) are now relocating there, because of the cheap property & cost of living. We spoke with one family from Liverpool that have just...
  5. I

    Capital Gains Tax on selling apartment purchased via limited company

    Hi, Could someone please advise on the situation regarding capital gains tax, or any other taxes, incurred when selling a property purchased using a Turkish Limited Company ? As it happens we are unlikely to have made a gain when we sell but would like to know what the situation is anyway...
  6. 3

    Bankacillar sitesi

    who else has purchased here, when will you be out, could maybe arrange a meet i will be there 4wks from mid march, same mid june and again sept/oct we haven't got datessorted yet.
  7. kale

    has anyone purchased at kale11 residence

    would like contact from anyone who has purchased property at Kale 11 residence bodrum . experieceing problems with delayed completion. :36:
  8. matty

    How Many People Purchased In Dalaman?

    Hi, Just wondering how many folk have actually got properties in the Dalaman area?? Regards Ann
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