1. W

    Property Purchase Tax

    Hi Please could someone tell me who is responsible for paying the purchase tax, I am currently in the process of buying a property from a private individual and have been told it is down to me. Any link or information where I can find the correct answer would be very much appreciated...
  2. K

    Tax Free Car Purchase

    Hi I hope someone can help. my wife and I are retiring to Kalkan shortly and wish to buy a new car. With a resident permit are you able to buy a vehicle tax free?
  3. lynda123

    Mortgage in Turkey for house purchase question.

    Could someone clarify for me regarding an offer, as I don't know the Turkish banking system very well. The potential purchasers are Turkish. Email from buyer: Trying not to getting ripped off. As you can see they want a copy of the Tapu for the bank, however as the Tapu is still in my name...
  4. teosgirl

    Property sales slip, but foreign property purchase is on the rise

    Property sales slip as housing loan rates rise - BUSINESS In January, a total of 1,462 properties were sold to foreigners, a 13.4 percent increase from the same period of the previous year, according to the TÜİK data. Citizens from Iraq bought the largest number of houses in Turkey in January...
  5. A

    Help information required regarding property purchase

    Help information required regarding property i have been trying to purchase in Bodrum area for the last 8 years. My lawyer is Gulay Cagli and i cant seem to get a straight answer with regards to properties at court or matter of ownership. Can someone please help thanks
  6. hillbilly

    New Turkish ruling regarding the purchase of Antibiotic over the phamacy counters

    New ruling in Turkey, anyone requiring antibiotics must have a prescription from a Doctor , we can no longer buy said drugs over the counter. I understand this because antibiotics can be miss - used and we can all develop a immunity to antibiotics and they will not work when really required...
  7. Gamuret

    Company purchase

    I would appreciate advice on behalf of a friend who would like to know if it possible to purchase a property in Turkey via an offshore company. If so, what are the procedures or from where could they be obtained? Are they the same in Northern Cyprus as on the mainland? He plans a mixture of...
  8. X

    Help selecting decent company to purchase a property

    Hi All Just after a bit of advise please. Looking to purchase a place in Turkey hopefully 30 minutes from airport Closer the better which will be used for holiday home mostly and may want to rent out to cover expenses now and again. Looking for a minimum 3 bedroom local shops and amenities a...
  9. Leo

    Purchase in Kas ?

    Hi All, Those who know me, know that my wife & I have held a long-term ambition to retire to Turkey. We currently have a holiday place in Side, but have developed a yearning to live on the Kas peninsula. Not really looking for debate about the prospects of retirement in Turkey - we already...
  10. NigelandElaine

    car purchase in Turkey without residence permit?

    Hi all, can some one advise if without a residency permit we can buy and own a car?
  11. NigelandElaine

    car purchase

    does anyone know of a car that will be sold from may onwards ? or where are the best deals to be had from a garage? we are just looking for a good reliable run around. Or anyone selling a reliable moped?
  12. D

    Property purchase in yesiltepe akbuk

    Thinking of buying Property in yesiltepe akbuk Hi folks don't know whether in the right place so my apologies in advance Looking at purchasing a villa in yesiltepe akbuk any up to date info on area , crime and generally is this a good place to buy and ideas on property prices in that area for...
  13. T

    Holiday home purchase - unsure/concerned about the current political leanings

    Hi everyone, my family and I are thinking of purchasing a holiday villa in Kalkan but are unsure/concerned about the current political leanings/instability (do you see it as that?) in Turkey and any impact that would have in the medium to long term. I would love to hear your views on this. Thank...
  14. B

    Ferndale apartment purchase.

    Hi ladies and gents. A friend of mine is buying a ground floor,apartment in the Ferndale block . She is buying via King Emlak that have an excellent reputation . Firstly anyone here also have one of those apartments and would you be willing to share your experience there. Second is their a...
  15. FinalCall

    Payment before building completion.

    Yesterday I bought (subject to contract) a small apartment in a development beylikduzu Istanbul. After a lot of going and froing . we were able to accept the offer of 135000TL for this small 1.5 + 1 lot. The developer (this is the 1st of 3 planned sites); as he granted us a 12% discount for...
  16. L

    Changes to entry visa purchase

    Hello. I have read on the Monarch website that from next month it will not be possible to buy a visa on arrival at the airport. Does anyone know if that is correct and how do we now get a visa. We arrive on 12th May. Thanks Len and Julie
  17. M

    Altinkum solicitor recommendation needed for resale purchase

    Can anyone recommend a solicitor in Altinkum to help me with the purchase of a resale property I dont intend to give power of atourney as we will be out there in July but I would really prefer someones positive experience as a recommendation I would be starting off the process from the UK if...
  18. F

    Car Purchase

    Hi All, Finally moved into Yalikavak area permenantly, I'm now looking for a good mid range car hyundia accent, peugot 306, 307 or similar for about 6 to 7 thousand pounds ish !! Must be good condition preferebly low milage, Am I asking fior the earth If you know of any for sale please...
  19. L

    Also considering a purchase at Horizon Sky Gulluk

    Hi everyone I visited the complex last July and was shown various apartments for quite good prices 30k-40k, all with amazing views , couldn't find anywhere else In Bodrum area in this price range, so I almost decided to go ahead with purchasing one of them.. until I came across this forum and...
  20. F

    car purchase

    I am relocating to Gokcebel in April with the wife. We will be looking to purchase a car on arrival, (Second hand). Wondering if any of you locals know of any bodrum web sites for second hand cars that I could be looking at to while away my last 7 weeks in England. Cheers Fred, n, Les
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