1. suzyq

    5 Kangals Pups Need Loving Homes

    5 Kangal Pups Need Loving Homes My friends Kangal has recently had 13 pups. 8 of the pups have been reserved and some of those 8 went to new homes this week, the rest will go over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, there are still 5 pups, 1 male and 4 female looking for a loving...
  2. B

    New Pups Lookıng for a New Home

    I have 10 four week old pups at home who wıll soon be lookıng for new homes. If there ıs anyone who would lıke a new puppy please contact me or Rosemary. Theır mother found me when she was very heavıly pregnant and ıt was too late to abort the puppıes, so ıf anyone can gıve one of these...
  3. P

    Tilky's Pups

    Hello Turkish Living Forum. My name is Tilki. I know it’s a bit unusual for a dog to start a thread on here but I’m kinda desperate. I’m not a TLF member so a human friend has let me post my message on his account. Where to start? Well, I’ve had a bit of a chequered post in Turkey. A hotel...
  4. M

    Pups born this morning

    9 puppies born in my garden this morning, so they are now in my house .Really sad they have to go to the council shelter tomorrow not ideal but it has a seperate puppy block (although Ive not seen it yet)and its funded by RSPCA uk so im told. Meah
  5. pineapple1

    Dog Gives Birth to 17 pups !!!!!!!!

    And i thought i had my hands full with 7 !!! aww but they are georgeous , All 17 super-cute puppies in Germany Video - Yahoo! News UK
  6. M

    Pups need home Didim

    I am so sorry I dont have any photos on here, I have never managed to load any. I have written about these pups needing a kennel. They are adorable as all pups are, there are three of them. They look forward to a cold winter in a wood pile and of Monday 20th Dec should have a kennel on the...
  7. maggie

    Pups need homes.

    Can anyone help re home one of 6 pups living in a sitesi garden in Akbuk. There are 4 girls and 2 boys and are absoleutly adorable I think they may have a touch of Kangal in them. At present they are being fed by my friend Denise but they do need loving stable homes. If you can help please...
  8. animalmad34

    Tasha and Ted and there 2 pups are all Looking for Loving Homes..

    Meet Tasha and Ted, 2 Little Terriers who im told where owned by someone , But dumped And are now all looking for loving Homes.. Mum ( Tasha ) and Dad ( Ted ) would love to stay Together and be homed Together as they are very bonded, Tasha will be spayed before she goes to her new home.. The 2...
  9. N

    Abandoned pups need homes now .

    These two pups are survivors , Found dumped in a plastic bag in Altinkum Didim. They deserve better ! Can you give them a loving home ..if so please contact me Thank you Neesan
  10. N

    Altinkum - Puppy Appeal

    On a recent visit to Didim we came across two pups alone in a street , We took them to the vets to be checked over.. they were riddled with worms and fleas :eek: Unfortunately we were unable to find homes for them and surrendered them to the shelter , where they befriended a very similar pup...
  11. T

    Boxer pups for sale

    A friend of our Turkish friend who lives in Dalaman has 3 Boxer pups for sale. Please let me know if you are interested and I can pm with more details.
  12. B

    Kangal Pups

    Foolishly agreed to mating of our Kangal bitch with a large local Kangal male. The result is 7 chubby pups, now 5 weeks old. We have found homes for 5 of them so looking for homes for the remaining 2. Do not want any money but maybe the new dog welfare centre in Dalaman would appreciate a small...
  13. Ian

    German Sheperd Pups

    Hi, Anyone know of any pedigree pups in and around Altinkum ??.
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