1. teosgirl

    2 puppies looking for homes

    Hi all, A while back we rescued 3 puppies that were dumped in a satsuma grove near our home. I'm looking for homes for two of them - one boy and one girl. They're approximately 10/11 weeks old, lab/mix breed so will probably be medium/large in size. They've had their first jabs and been...
  2. J

    Good homes needed for puppies

    Beautiful German Shepherd puppies. 7 weeks old now. Vaccinations in progress and dog passport. They will make great companions. We just want them to go to good, caring people. Please PM me if interested. We are in Dalyan. Thank you.
  3. B

    looking for couple of german Sheppards puppies

    Does a anyone know around fethiya or Uzumlu area,where I can asetain couple of German Sheppard puppies please.:loony:
  4. J

    Alanya- rescued puppies need homes URGENTLY

    6 puppies rescued by children - had been thrown into a deep pit. 1 found new home today, but 5 left, 2 boys and 3 girls. Beautiful, look like German Shepherd cross, approx 1 and a half months old. Anybody interested pleas PM me for further details.
  5. Tommie

    Rottweiler and Westie have puppies

    It may sound unbelievable but a little Westie has just mated with a Rottie and she had 11 puppies! More....
  6. E

    Puppies needing good homes

    Hi All, I am looking for good homes (in the Alanya area) for my dogs litter of puppies Cocker Spaniel cross (cross) Shar Pei. 6 weeks old will be ready to leave mother in about 2 weeks. Have been wormed and will be vacinated. Please email me for details. Thanks
  7. janA


    Posting for a friend, the mum gave birth in their garden and has been ill so they have more or less hand reared these pups. They are about 5 weeks old but because mum has no milk they are fully weaned. There are 5 looking for homes, all different colours 3 girls and 2 boys and are in the...
  8. paddington bear

    11 Puppies Found - Side area

    A friend of mine has found 11 abandoned puppies, assorted colours. They are about 6 weeks old and look as though they will be medium sized dogs. If, by any chance, someone in the Side area is wanting a puppy please pm me. Sue
  9. J

    food for puppies

    what kind of food do u give a puppy
  10. J

    Meet the "Bush Babies" (puppies)

    Feel almost guilty about this post after reading the heart-rending story of Gordon in Gökova-- SO hope he finds a good home lovely boy. However, what can you do? they are all so deserving. These are puppies so please ask around-- friends, neighbours, contacts etc - perhaps someone would...
  11. scotssteve

    (Almost) Free Puppies

    Morning all Altinkum/Ddidm TLF members The lads at Cheers bar on 2nd beach have been rasing a litter of TEN puppies, which now need good caring homes. The mother is a retreiver bitch with a fantastic nature - and whilst the pups all look retreiver-ish they are either gold or Black! None the...
  12. N

    Could someone direct me to place an ad for puppies for sale

    Hi Everyone I am new to this forum and not quite sure whether I'm on the right place... I live in Akbuk and would like to place an ad for my puppies for sale... Could anyone direct me PLEASE...
  13. G

    Puppies in need of love

    Hi all good people of the Gumusluk forum We have just discovered 5 (may now be 4) beautiful puppies living under a bush next to a road not far from our site. We have fed a couple of times but as we leave to go home on Thursday we are concerned about their longer term welfare (food and getting...
  14. J

    A happy story of two Rottweiler puppies

    Hi there, with all the doom and gloom out there for street dogs not finding homes, I have a really happy story to tell. This morning a Turkish friend of ours rang us to say that he had taken on a Rottweiler puppy and would be like to come and see her. He was working this morning and out of...
  15. C


    We have 8 six week old puppies that require homes, any one interested please pm me for further details
  16. M

    3 week old puppies need foster homes

    A litter of 6 puppies at turgutreis dog shelter have had to be seperated from their mother as she is ill and cannot feed them. We have foster homes for 4, but need more for the remaining 2. This is a temporary measure for a few weeks until they are able to eat solid food. Anyone interested...
  17. yalimart

    pork or puppies

    how would you feel if you found the meat from both animals side by side in your local supermarket ? Daily TV round-up – Eating puppy no worse than pork, says Hugh | TV News Extra Blog - Yahoo! TV UK I understand his point but it puts a new slant on carving the sunday joint ! not for me ...
  18. pineapple1

    Puppies For Sale !!!!

    A farmer had some puppies he needed to sell. He painted a sign advertising the 4 pups. And set about nailing it to a post on the edge of his yard. As he was driving the last nail into the post,he felt a tug on his overalls. He looked down into the eyes of a little boy. "Mister," he said, "I want...
  19. T

    puppies to adopt

    Hello, My Golden Retriever has given birth 6 puppies one and a half months ago. They are Golden Labrador mixed and very healthy bred. They are not for sale, if you would like to adopt please pm me.
  20. paddington bear

    Abandoned puppies need homes

    Yesterday evening a friend of mine found five puppies abandoned, they were seen being removed from a car. In the vague hope that someone in the Side area would be willing to adopt one I said I would put this message on the forum, if anyone is interested please contact me and l will get some...
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