1. Bibby

    Black Lab/Spaniel-type pup. Fethiye area.

    I think possibly 4 or 5 months old (some milk teeth and some adult teeth). Found her by roadside today. She is a bit thin, but seems healthy. She has glossy black fur with fine white patern on chest, floppy down ears and is SOOOOO cuuute. I think she might be a medium/small dog when fully...
  2. S

    Jack Russel Pup wanted in Turkey

    I am posting this on behalf of my friend who is desperatly seeking a Jack Russel Pup to love. Her's was snatched out of her arms by a Kangal and despite her attempts to save him he died. Well it is now a year since this happend, and she has decided that it's time to get a new doggy. Idealy she...
  3. teosgirl

    Alsatian pup stolen

    Hi, A friend had their Alsatian pup stolen. The pup, named Henry, was stolen from the Whispering sands complex, from a enclosed gated area. He's contacted all the pet shops and vets he knows, but would like people to keep an eye out for the dog. The pup was about 4-5 months old, really...
  4. animalmad34

    Pepsi - Doberman Mix pup - 9 Mths old looking for her forever home

    Pepsi is a 9mth old doberman Mix..I got a call from a guy who said she was not coping well on the streets, Very frightened and cowered at everything even animals, And Underweight, She was also not spayed so Ang picked her up for me and she is in foster now.. I am looking for a home for her, She...
  5. animalmad34

    Foster home needed for 7mth old lab cross pup - beautiful boy.

    Foster home needed for 7mth old lab cross pup - beautiful boy. Please can anyone help, Looking for someone to foster this beautiful little boy, Lovely natured and very shy, Need foster short term , Few mths only .. Please i need help to help them as i feel like hitting my head against a brick...
  6. matty

    German shepherd pup need home - Dalaman

    My :crazy:Turkish neighbour has recently kicked their German shepherd pup out! They have only had her for a couple of weeks! She is about 5-6months old, she is a beautiful dog and very willing to please. The poor dog deserves a loving home,She is now just hanging around outside wondering what...
  7. Ian

    Alsatian Pup ??

    Hi, Anyone around Didim/Akbuk know of any pups, a friend of mine is after one, it has to be 100% alsatian though.
  8. N

    Pup found , ears cut off ~ Home needed

    from Val ( Didim ) Hi all I am currently fostering a gorgeous puppy. She was heard and found screaming in pain by a lady called Joyce in Didim, who saw that her ears were horribly infected due to them having been cut off. Joyce phoned me and I advised her to take the pup to the shelter vet at...
  9. eileen

    wanted yorkshire terrier pup

    can any one help to find where we can get a yorkshire terrier TEA CUP from dont want to pay more than 1000ytl
  10. T

    Wanted Jack Russell pup.

    Looking to get a friend for our street dog Suzi, must be female. Fethiye area prefered. Want a pup this time as Suzi has taken a very long time to settle & was so nervous, we thought with a pup she will be ok as we dont wont her frightened. She is ok with dogs she knows she plays with my...
  11. I

    Berenese mountain dog/ pup needs new home

    To a good home ( based in Izmir but we would be happy to take him further afield if the home is right) 9 months old male bernese mountain dog mix ( tri colour black brown and white neck photos available) Rescued as a 2 month old puppy in a terrrible state Has had all of his primary...
  12. YogiPJ

    Pup wanted

    Hi Recently our much loved cat passed awy and we are now looking for a pup. Preferably a Toy Poodle but are finding it difficult to find. We have spoken to a lady who can obtain a 2 month old pup from Istanbul. However we are told these are shipped in from Russia. Now, we do not know the...
  13. Raysalaff

    Pedigree Poodle Pup !

    A man takes his Poodle to Crufts and goes to the check in desk. the woman behind the desk looks at the dog and says, "Is this dog a pedigree Poodle?" to which the man replied "yes it is". "and what is its name," she asks, "She is called Ash Hag" due to the ash colouring and because her mother...
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