1. M

    swimming pool pumps

    hi all can anyone tell me if there are distributors in turkey selling solar powered swimming pool pumps ? thanks Martin
  2. M

    Solar powered pumps

    Does anyone know where to buy solar powered pumps? I have bought land near Kas and Demre and want to use as much solar power as possible for the re-use of my rain water run off and dirty water for agricultural use.
  3. The_madhouse

    Asthma pumps?

    Hi read somewhere that you can buy asthma inhalers in Altinkum does anyone know where and roughly how much they cost? Thanks in advance.
  4. immac

    Geothermal 'Heat Pumps'

    From Today's Turkish Daily News Geothermal 'heat pumps' a natural alternative to gas Thursday, February 15, 2007 A system common throughout much of Europe and beyond is now slowly beginning to catch on in Turkey. The energy it uses comes from below the Earth's surface and is clean, renewable...
  5. O

    Water Pumps

    Has anyone found out anything about the water pressure for top floor duplex in Altinkum. Our water pressure is non exsistant, We hope to have a water tank put on the roof for water storage, will this help the proplem? When we went out in March the shower was fine for one day then we had no...
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