1. A

    CPA( Certified Public Accountant) In TURKEY

    Hello everyone, Does anybody know Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who speaks fluent English in Turkey? Thanks.
  2. E

    How did 3 public banks lose 3.6 billion

    3.6 milyar TL zarar nas?l olu?tu? Just as you you thought your money was safe.
  3. C

    Public bus to Pamukkale

    Is there a direct way to get there? All of the tours we found either stop in lots of shops or restaurants along the way, we would like to get there directly - is this possible? Thanks :)
  4. T

    Didim Public Prosecutor

    Hi does anyone have the name and contact details of Didim Public Prosecutor please Thanks.
  5. RedBloodedHound

    Public Interest Lawyers Closed.

    Last three paragraphs: Iraq War: Public Interest Lawyers closes down - BBC News
  6. yalimart

    Public Service Pensions Debt

    Is it time to cut and run and simply tell all ex Public service employees you have had your last pension payment ? Or should the rest of the population carry on paying more tax and insurance to fund them ? Government accused over 'hidden debt time bomb' - BT Martin
  7. suzyq

    Panic buttons on public buses

    Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (İETT), the city’s public bus authority, introduced buses with new “panic buttons” on Feb. 26. Hasan Celikdelen, head of the IETT’s IT department, said when a person presses one of the new panic buttons, it generates a signal received by the company’s...
  8. stmary

    Public payphone in Altinkum

    Hi All,over in Altinkum at the mo and not got smart phone to ring home,just use a Brick normally.What we want to know is ,are there any pay phones or booths like the old days where you can ring the UK ?Just wondering because we have had a good walk around and up and down the Main Boulevard and...
  9. V

    Sitesi Public Liability Insurance

    Can anyone please advise as to how public liability insurance for a sitesi consisting of approx 65-70 tapus would be calculated. If you are living on a similar sized complex I would welcome some info re what the premium is on your sitesi.
  10. bickern

    Middle Age Women Who Shouldn't Go Out in Public

  11. newhorizon

    Turkish governor 'bans' elevators in public buildings in fight against obesity

    Reading articles in various newspapers this morning , as is common at start of a new year with new goals, diets, juicers, gadgets, shakes etc it was refreshing to read about a Health official in Turkey who has banned elevator use for first 3 floors just making a small change... "Dursun Ali...
  12. T

    Call to ban smoking in parks and public places

    Thousands of acres of parkland in London and landmarks including Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square should become smoke-free zones, a report has said. The recommendations could become a blueprint for the rest of Britain, according to report author and cancer specialist Lord Darzi, who was...
  13. beyazbayan

    Breastfeeding in public

    Breastfeeding in public 'still frowned upon': Mothers made to feel 'marginalised and ashamed', study finds Do what İ do smile and say how lovely to see something so natural. Read more: Breastfeeding in public 'still frowned upon': Mothers made to feel 'marginalised and ashamed', study finds |...
  14. bal canavar

    Women shouldn't laugh in public

    Deputy PM advises women to avoid laughter in public Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç complained on Monday that the Turkish society is faced with a moral decay, urging both men and women to protect their chasteness by remaining faithful to their spouses and avoiding laughter in public...
  15. H

    Public Liability Insurance?

    We insure through Intasure just so we can get Public liability cover, we rent out and in today's litigative it surely has to be a must, . . . . . my question is do any of you out there have this through Turkish insurance as Intasure's latest renewal price is HEAVY!
  16. E

    Heartbleed Bug: Public urged to reset all passwords

    Heartbleed Bug: Public urged to reset all passwords Several tech firms are urging people to change all their passwords after the discovery of a major security flaw. The Yahoo blogging platform Tumblr has advised the public to "change your passwords everywhere - especially your high-security...
  17. teosgirl

    Survey reveals broad public support for corruption investigation

    Survey reveals broad public support for corruption investigations - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news The survey also revealed that there is a significant decrease in public approval for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's way of performing his duties as prime minister...
  18. B

    Public Toilet found.

    BBC News - Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed And yet Public Toilets are being closed in many "modern" cities. Bill.
  19. B

    UK Public Schools

    BBC News - Private school influence in public life 'shocking' says Major Is Sir John Major(a Grammar School boy) right, I don't think he is. Grammar Schools enabled working class children to get a superb education, but they were abolished, and David Cameron...
  20. Yalides

    Breast feeding in public

    No petting, no breastfeeding: New mother ordered to stop feeding her son while waist-deep in swimming pool | Mail Online Acceptable or not ?
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