1. Freedom 49

    PTT hours for Kurban.

    This Friday 31st July starts the 4 day Kurban Bayram celebrations. Just a reminder to say that the Post Offices and all Banks will be closed from midday on the Thursday and reopen Tuesday 4th August. Enjoy your mangals!!
  2. T

    Kargo vs ptt

    Hello what is the difference between kargo and ptt? I want to send something to a corporation. They said that if you send by kargo we pay the fee! What is the difference and how can I find a kargo?
  3. G

    Turk Telecom

    I have been reading posts on here regarding the residents permits and have seen the goalposts change immeasurably since we've been here. When we first moved here, we managed to obtain a 3 year permit and during that time, the format changed where they had to be renewed every year! The...
  4. K

    Seeking Help with the Turkish post!!

    Dear English speaking Turkish people, First i would like to introduce myself as Khaled a last semester mechanical engineering student. secondly, i will explain to you why i need help & the type of help i m seeking...about 2 months ago i ordered some parts for my graduation project to be...
  5. Helenm150

    PTT - PO Box

    Hi, does anyone know if there are any available PO Boxes to rent in Turgutreis - if you have one, was there a waiting list and did you have to wait a long time? :blowkiss:
  6. angiesco

    PTT Contact E-mail

    Has anyone ever had to contact the PTT regarding incoming mail? I have a trackable parcel, which I can see is in Antalya, since 26 August, however, they don't seem to want to deliver it. I sent an e-mail to info@ptt but I didn't get a reply. Does anyone have any other e-mail address or any...
  7. angiebelle

    Help re ptt please

    Hi, We are in Gundogan and have just been to the PTT who refused to change our english sterling! said something about a stamp, does anyone know what the problem would be please. thanks Angie para yok!!!
  8. Mary

    PTT Opening whilst Byram

    Hi can anyone tell me please are the post offices PTT open during Byram or when are they open after I know about the banks due to Chrisbobs thanks.
  9. L

    PTT in Datca

    Could anybody please tell me if there is a PTT in Datca for currency exchange? Also, is it better to change most of your currency in Datca or here in the UK.Are the rates currently good over there? Will be coming to stay in your wonderful area in a few weeks time. Many thanks Lonnie Liston L.
  10. V

    Turkey PTT Opening Times

    For those residents and tourists who use the PTT in the evenings, it may be interesting to know that the Government has set new opening times across Turkey. Apparently, according to our local manager, all PTTs were told last week that their new opening times were Mon-Fri 9am to 5.30pm...
  11. v6cod

    PTT in Dalyan closing at 5:30pm

    Anyone know if the early closing of the PTT in Dalyan is just whilst Ramadan is on or is it to be permanent. Also a warning the new exchange place near to Kaunos has a displayed rate which is their buy rate not sell rate. Someone we know went there the day before yesterday and were ripped off.
  12. culturevulture

    PTT account???

    What are the pros and con of opening a PTT account? I am considering this for the payment of bills. Can you use it to pay bills online? I am not really interested in interest rates as I would only be using it for bill payments. I am more interested in their charges and account maintenance fees...
  13. ZiaCa'

    PTT Fethiye - Forex

    A while ago there was a thread about how one of the PTT in Dalyan employees failed to give some small change owed when people changed foreign currency....I'd also experienced this there and typically the employee would withold the a few kurus. Well today I went to change some money in the...
  14. A89

    PTT closing?

    Does anyone know when the PTT will be closed over Bayram please?
  15. A89

    Main PTT

    Now that the main PTT is open on Saturdays does anyone know if you can post things on Saturday?? Apparently its always almost empty on Saturday but someone told me its only open for bill paying and you cant actually post anything that right?
  16. E


    we are having problems with our post here at our apartment in fethiye,we are having to collect it from the ptt by the ortagar which is a pain as we have to wait ages for them to look through all the post that doesnt get delivered, does anyone know if we can set up a po box. so we can collect it...
  17. ceemac

    PTT To Be Privatised

    Sounds very British this! 'The government will soon be taking action to eradicate the PTT (Turkey’s Post and Telegraph Organization) by establishing it as a private company. According to two separate postal services draft bills, prepared by the Ministry of Transportation, which have now been...
  18. basic


    I see that we are getting a new PTT office opposite the Council offices, do not now when it is opening but looks almost finished inside.:9:
  19. M

    Post Boxes at new Altikum PTT

    Post boxes are now available at new Altinkum PTT . They cost 7TL a year you need to take your Residence Permit. Good news for the residents that dont get their Mail. Did it this morning , plenty of boxes left .Mike.
  20. G

    Altinkum PTT

    Anyone know what's happened to the PTT that was near the beach. Is it permanently closed now so we just have the one up the main road. I always went to the one by the beach as it opened at 8.30, went to the other one this morning and was told that doesnt open until 9.00.
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