1. L

    PSP games wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for PSP games, especially in IQ and action categories. Anyone to sell? Please send a PM to me. Thanks
  2. W

    PSP games & movies for sale in Altinkum

    PSP (playstation portable) games and movies for sale in Altinkum, genuine psp games/movies in excellent condition (selling as I no longer use them). 3 x PSP UMD Movies: Be Cool (John Travolta & Uma Thurman) When a Stranger Calls Final Destination 2 (Boxed, 10 lira each) 2 x PSP Games: Myst...
  3. The_madhouse

    PSP's and D.S's on airplane

    Hi guys just wondered if the kids will be able to use their games on the airplane? Thanks in advance
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