1. A89

    Internet service providers in Turkey

    I've been having a lot of problems with my internet for the last couple of months either none at all or very very slow (less than 1mbps). TTNET keep sayıng theres nothıng wrong and must be my equipment. Fırst it was somethıng downstairs where the internet comes into the building. Changed that...
  2. S

    IPTV Providers

    I've been getting my TV via a variety of IPTV Providers, some with good and some not so good...and one or two hopeless... Got me wandering...who else uses IPTV here in Turkey, or for that matter back in the UK and Ireland.. My particular issue, maybe not unique to me here in Turkey, is...
  3. T

    Internet providers Alanya/mahmutlar

    Apart from Turkcel can anyone suggest a pay as you go internet provider please. Thanks
  4. M

    Internet Providers Dalyan INFO help please

    I know yet another question from me, this one is about internet and WiFi providers in Dalyan. I know i am not going to get supper fast lightning speeds, which in many cases would be a god send, i am sure to many people spend to much time on the internet and not out and about. Questions, do you...
  5. keny

    internet providers

    I am looking for an internet provider for a period less than 12 months. I have found the following: Netone, Turk.Net, Superonline and E-Kolay. Has anyone used them for short term use and have any info on how to connect?Thank you if you can help. Keny
  6. CJD

    internet providers

    are there any alternatives to ttnet for unlimited broadband? we are on the bozburun peninsular
  7. keny

    internet providers

    Are there any internet providers where you not tied into a long contract?We only need to use the internet for 6 months of the year.We were tied into a 2 year contract with TTNET which is now ended.As we use a slingbox/sligcathcher we need a good upload speed.Does anyone know of other internet...
  8. Tommie

    Turkish ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good ISP in Turkey? I've just signed up for TTNET, but I'm not impressed at the moment. Was told that I could get up to 8 mbps, (never do believe that!) but only getting 0.8. (For the non-techies MBPS = Megabits per second. A single character consists of 8 bits...
  9. G

    Mobile phone service providers

    I know enough enough from my last very expensive cell phone experience in Turkey that next time I will get a Turkish SIM card for my phone. Does anyone have info on what - if any - provider is the better of the bunch (plans, fees, tariffs, coverage etc.) for the occasional visitor and lite user?
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