1. teosgirl

    Protest after mass sexual assault.

    Protest After NYE Mass Sex Assault On 90 Women Soon these European countries with sky-rocketing crime stats, especially sexual assaults against women, are going to have to face the issue. Before naively imagining a barrier free world where everyone love and respects each other, you must...
  2. millilove76

    Pro ISIS protest in Istanbul

    We all remember the Gezi Protest, peaceful protesters suffered at the hands of and with the full knowledge of the Turkish state. Tear gas, water cannons and brutal policing. May day is about the same...136 arrests this year. Kurdish protesters have been shot at, gassed and ran over by Police...
  3. Mushtaq

    Turkish prosecutor held hostage by armed militants over protest death

    Suspected communist militants have taken a chief prosecutor hostage inside an Istanbul court during an investigation into the death of a teenage boy following anti-government protests. Men believed to be members of the banned Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) posted...
  4. paddington bear

    Protest on Sunday re Dogs Home

    There is a protest this Sunday, 8th February, regarding the horrific conditions at Manavgat Dogs Home, the appalling conditions have been featured in both the national press and on TV. As yet I am not sure of the time of the protest, the venue I understand is at the Dogs Home itself but when...
  5. T

    Alevis protest door markings in southeast Turkey

    Markings that were found on the doors of Alevis’ houses in the eastern province of Adıyaman are mere “child’s play” and not a premonition of an attack, Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin has said. But Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Sabahat Akkiray said the government had the...
  6. K

    Gokcebel "Death Road" Protest Sunday 20th

    **Road Safety Protest in Gokcebel - Sunday 20 July 5pm - 7pm. Meet in front of Kipa ** You may know that there have been many accidents on the Yalikavak - Gokcebel "Death road" since the road widening over last winter. Traffic lights\ calming\ pavements \ safe walking demarcation for...
  7. millilove76

    Gaza Protest

    Hi, I was going to post this on the Israeli thread but thought it may get lost in the the number of posts. There is a protest tonight outside the BBC buildings in Nottingham (London Road). It starts at 5:30 and is to show support for those suffering in Gaza and to protest against the Israeli...
  8. J

    Bodrum/Güvercinlik dolphinarium- Protest tomorrow

    For all those who have expressed their views against marine mammal captivity here- thought you might like to know: http:// Author Buket Uzuner will present the signatures from her campaign (close Bodrum Dolphin Park and protect the...
  9. shirleyanntr

    teachers who protest met with water canon

    it says a lot for the state of Turkey under the AKP when teachers protesting the latest proposals are met with water canon and pepper spray.. As Erdoğan said when he saluted and praised the police thugs after the Gezi protests 'these are my police' (he could have added in my police state) we...
  10. J

    Berkan protest

    For those who are wondering about what is going on regarding protests I suggest they tune into halk tv right now (channel 53 on digiturk) where the poliçe are snuffing out A protest in support of A child who was put in A coma by the riot police of RTE when he was hit by A gas capsule when going...
  11. shirleyanntr

    preggy ladies protest

    following on from the thread about telekinetic babies..and expectant mothers causing men to cringe .....the brave women of Turkey are protesting they intend parading big bellies in the parks in İstanbul and Ankara at 7 pm i dont know if that means every night or just for 9 months. if you're...
  12. teosgirl

    Istiklal Caddesi, protest against the war, live feed

    ?stiklal Caddesi Kameras? II Live camera on Istiklal street in Istanbul, where people are currently protesting against beginning a war with Syria... Charlotte
  13. shirleyanntr

    protest for death of a friend

    a Turkish man watched his friend fall to his death from the 10th floor of a building they were working on in Adana two days ago. i know many people watch in amazement at the antics of Turkish workers on building sites but the fact is that there are more deaths and disabilities in this sector...
  14. J

    Protest on Cirali beach

    Just saw this on the main news tonight. It was a very short report and it took me by surprise so I couldnt catch all the details except that 18 donums (about 4.5 acres) of 'protected' beachfront land has been rented out for touristic purposes. The local villagers, God bless them, are very...
  15. tykatem

    St Pauls Protest camp

    Police in London say that 90% of the tents outside St Pauls Cathedral are empty at night time because the protesters are cold and wet.Using thermal imaging cameras police filmed the heat given off from the camp,revealing most of the 142 tents were empty ... Should St Pauls do a Dale Farm on the...
  16. teosgirl

    Pope protest in Spain

    It's funny really, I don't remember Jesus having to pay such ridiculous amounts for transport and bodyguards etc. How much should a visit actually cost? No where near the million mark if you ask me. I also think it's shocking that the Spanish government has refused to divulge the approximate...
  17. bickern

    Fires started after Tottenham police shooting protest

    Petrol bombs have been thrown at police and a shop, two patrol cars and a bus set on fire in a disturbance in Tottenham, north London. The incident began after a protest over the fatal shooting of a young man by police on Thursday turned violent. BBC News - Fires started after...
  18. Esther Mofet

    Petition To Protest About The Property Buying Process In Turkey

    Copied from another forum with with that posters consent. Here is the link many have asked for to look at and sign about the property buying process in Turkey: Protection for property buyers in Turkey
  19. Yogi

    Skirt Protest

    This is great, good you on Chris, stupid rule, the headmaster sounds a real jobsworth. I take my Kids to school and all the Teacher's are smart but wear basically what they want. Perhaps they should be subject to the same uniform rules as the students, it might make some of them a bit more...
  20. teosgirl

    reduced service in hospitals as health workers protest

    Turkish health employees to stop work for two days in labor action - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I'm not sure if who this strike will effect, but obviously something is seriously wrong with the system if 30,000 people in Ankara protested. I wonder if it will be a widespread strike...
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