1. M

    AVG Computer Protection

    I have AVG Free installed on my computer. For the past week or so, every time I turn on a black screen comes up saying "UI failed to load. This is really embarrassing. AV Service is not responding." Under this there are two buttons, the first says Exit and the second says Restart Service. I...
  2. Jaycey

    Write protection

    On occasion I have needed use a newspaper photo for private purposes (eg to post via Tiny-pic to TLF) but have been unable to do so as it is write protected. I have used PhotoImpact/Photoshop to rescale the image and to insert invisible objects etc etc all to no avail. Any bright ideas out...
  3. M

    AVG Virus Protection

    AVG has been reminding me that I have not done a whole computer scan since November 2015. So, I decided to scan. Twice it got stuck at 79%. Upon looking at where it had stopped, it was "in" my new external H drive. So I disconnected it and the scan finished with no problems. So, any...
  4. juco

    RBS reduces protection limit

    I bet over the years it will slowly come down further.
  5. K

    Reduced Protection for UK Bank Deposits

    The EU in its wisdom has instructed UK bank and deposit-takers to lower the amount of protection from £85k. From January 2016 it will be £75k
  6. teosgirl

    Law on foreigners and International protection I hope the link works, it's just for your information. Ministry Of ?nterrior Directorate General Of Migration Management Charlotte
  7. M

    Computer Protection

    For many years I have had Norton protection in my computer. However, the renewals were getting ridiculously expensive, and my son took Norton out and installed AVG. This was last October. Now I am getting messages from AVG saying that my “free trial” is nearly finished, and they want me...
  8. E

    Aegean village under protection at cost of local’s torment

    İzmir’s Ildırı village is located in the once ancient Roman city of Erythrai and was declared as an archaeological area in 1985. Consequently, villagers’ inability to make the slightest repair or renovation to their homes, due to the threat of severe punishments, has seen them complain en masse...
  9. teosgirl

    Prime Ministry protection of MIT continues

    Prime Ministry disallows probe into M?T officials over wiretapping of journalists Charlotte
  10. A

    Cats protection in Bodrum

    Hello. Is there a cat protection place in Bodrum similar to the UK set-up? I do not mean the shop selling second-hand books although I believe that does a good job.
  11. J

    Nationwide protests against proposed changes to Animal Protection Law No 5199

    Re: demonstrations Sunday, 30 September at 2.00 pm in Bodrum, Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa and Eskişehir, Sept. 29 and October 7 in Ankara. Hello, The attached photo announces some of the demonstrations that will be held across the country to protest the proposed changes to the animal...
  12. teosgirl

    If only women could get the same protection

    LOCAL - Turkish soldier beaten by wife, gets state protection Lucky man, I hope the state continues to protect him and his son. The recent protection laws states that a male suspect can be arrested on the slightest of suspicion, but what help is that when the authorities later release him...
  13. teosgirl

    Outrage over violence protection draft bill

    This is certainly an outrage. Not only did the first draft of this newly penned law draw criticism from women's rights groups when the stipulation protecting women who live with partners was removed, but now it seems we're not protecting women, we're protecting families. Who will protect the...
  14. Sunny Seasider

    PC Protection

    Our PC Protection is up for renewal, whilst happy using Bullguard for both Netbook and Desktop, I would welcome views from you all, particlarly those who use a freebie protection as my Bullgurard renewal is £49.95.
  15. Tess

    PPI CLAIMS. Payment Protection Insurance Claims

    Hi all, I have chosen to put this in this forum, Mods, feel free to move if not correct. May I ask has anyone any success stories with reference to claiming back Payment Protection Insurance from Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages etc. If so, may I ask of any pitfalls or advantages of pursuing...
  16. R

    Sun protection in a pill?

    Hello for years I have been saying I wish someone would invent a pill that protects our skin against the damage from the sun . Now it maybe happening. I hate messing around with messy sun lotion and it weighs my luggage down and it costs a packet too. Just simply taking a pill would be...
  17. T

    mosquito protection for babies

    Hi, My daughter will be in Altinkum in September with a 5 month old baby. Could anyone tell me please - what protection against mozzies can she use for a child so young?She has an insect net,but can you use the citronella sprays etc?I`ve heard that avon skin so soft dry oil works - but can you...
  18. M

    Data Protection

    Yesterday I had a telephone call from a company called DVSL. Firstly they asked me to verify my name and address, which they gave me. They said they had some important documents to deliver to my next door neighbour, but couldn't contact him. This gentleman moved about eight months ago. They...
  19. immac

    Surge Protection

    Tech advice please. I am trying to explain to an electrician that I want a surge protector fitted at the fuse board to protect the whole house. Same principle as you plug into a socket, but for the whole house. This is to protect against surges of electricity that can damage equipment. Not RCD...
  20. mollag

    personal protection

    Spotted in Texan konacik---pepper spray!
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