1. Kingfisher

    ‘Even’ atheists’ rights to be protected

    "Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said his government will “even” protect the rights of atheists, vowing to avoid segregation based on both religion and ethnicity." POLITICS - ?Even? atheists? rights to be protected: Turkish PM This should reassure some people on here...
  2. bickern

    Two guard dogs that protected Prince William on RAF duty are destroyed

    Two guard dogs that protected Prince William as he worked for the RAF have been destroyed within days of his final shift. Brus, a Belgian shepherd, and Blade, a German shepherd, were put down after the prince left his role as a search and rescue pilot in North Wales. The dogs were destroyed on...
  3. M

    not atol protected

    my son, daughter and grandson are going to turkey tomorrow. they are flying with thomson from newcastle to antalya. they got really cheap flights, £336 for the three of them including baggage which we thought was great as hubby and i paid £230 each with thomas cook for flights for three weeks...
  4. immac

    Creeks Protected

    Turkish Daily News Eight creeks to stay untouched Saturday, March 3, 2007 BODRUM A case to protect creeks in Muğla has ended positively. In a lawsuit filed by Bodrum Chamber of Shipping Deputy Chairman Arif Yılmaz over the allocation of forest zones, arguing that it would damage yacht...
  5. P

    Protected land

    I will try to simpify my query-so if more infor needed-please ask- Nov04 approx-English speaking Solicitor introduced me to landowner who wished to sell field. Solicitor drew up contract & states £13,000. 33mil approx. I pay solicitor £6,500. Owner has not signed contract- solicitor has, but...
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