1. H

    Pros and cons of living in Turkey

    It is my plan to retire to Turkey- I have lived abroad before so I know it's not all roses. Would be interested to hear your pros and cons of living in Turkey
  2. K

    Pros and Cons of importing personal goods into Turkey

    Hi everyone, I'm writing this on behalf of my parents who are in the process of moving to Turkey (I've already lived in Turkey for several years). They're at the stage now where they need to decide whether or not to ship their personal goods to Turkey- it wouldn't be much: a few pieces of small...
  3. Suecoo66

    Moving to Turkey - Pros and cons

    This is my first post on here so thought I'd start in the test area My daughter recently moved to Hisaronu to live with her Turkish boyfriend who has a hotel in Hisaronu We visited this month and spoke to quite a few ex pats who made living there sound great, but what are the pitfalls ...
  4. D

    The pros and cons of Turkish citizenship......

    İ am looking for helpful pros and cons of taking citizenship here...i am well set up through my wife both in business and life......i just wonder if finally taking citizenship holds any hidden draw backs..........i have left it this long in hope that i can bring in a motorbike or car from abroad...
  5. J

    Pros and Cons of Turkish Citizenship

    i would be interested to hear from you all your views on whether it would be good or bad idea to get y turkish citizenship. I think i am entitled to dual uk AND Turkish citizenship if i proceed.
  6. Y

    Crash helmet for motorbike passenger - pros and cons?

    After coming through Ramazan İftar rushhour traffic in Fethiye yesterday evening as a passenger on a motorbike, it occurred to me buying a crash helmet might be a good idea ... or am I worrying too much? We only use the motorbike for short trips into and around the town (a car for longer trips...
  7. C

    Pros & Cons of buying New v Resale

    Hi - I will be viewing various properties in the Yalikavak area in January and had only considered buying new/off plan. However I have seen some resale properties (only up to 3 years old as I would not consider anything older -or should I?) that seem far more reasonably priced and in some cases...
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