1. J

    Property maintenance

    I'm wondering if anyone here on the Forum can give me some advice & guidance in relation as to how Management fees are calculated in Turkey? In my experience in the UK, Management companies charge around 15%-20% of the rental costs to manage the property, but I'm having trouble finding out what...
  2. Kedi Yavrusu

    Registering Rental Property

    We would like to rent out our property Bu I don't know how we go about registering it. How do we do this? and how do we pay tax on rental property? What percentage tax do we have to pay? We are new to this so thanks for any help to get us started. I would like to get everything sorted now...
  3. A

    Any estate agents for property valuation in Alanya?

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my property in Alanya and been trying to find estate agents that do free, no-strings-attached, valuations. The ones I've found online so far, will only do valuation if I commit to selling the property through them. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  4. B

    Property Tax Payment :

    Hi, Does anyone have information about paying property tax on line with Yalikavak Beleydeye Regards, Baba Moss.
  5. C

    Abandonment of property? Help please

    We have just been informed our sites AGM will be on the 28th june? Quite aside from the short notice the travel problems lack of travel insurance cover, the risk to the owners of CV etc make it very likely hardly any owners will be able to attend. The original plan was for May but that was...
  6. Jaycey

    Oba/ Alanya Property for Sale

    We’re putting our Oba/Alanya 2-bed, 2-bath, 2-balcony fully furnished apartment on the market at €50K… Out & about in Oba ... Alanya, Turkey starring Mitzi the Wonder Dog - YouTube
  7. S

    State of property market this year. To buy or to sell

    Does anyone have knowledge of property market this year. How Much a 2 bedroom 100 square meter Apartment in Tosmur ,in Alanya worth?
  8. H

    looking to buy property in Fethiye

    looking to buy property in Fethiye, preferably from owner, any one can help please Regards Hatib 05338438023
  9. S

    desperate for information Turkish Property Valuation

    Hi everyone I am new to the forum although I have been reading your posts for a while now. We are in the process of buying a house in the outskirts of Antalya with the help of a mortgage from the Turkish bank arranged through a broker in UK. In the middle of the negotiations over the price it...
  10. L

    Property Maintenance company in Dalaman

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a Maintenance Company in the Dalaman area please. I have read through some of the old posts but they seem to be giving advice on maintenance for Villas and Aparts on a Complex and also don’t seem to be in the Dalaman area. Whereas I’m looking for private, mainly pool...
  11. V

    New property valuations for foreign buyers

    Saw this article on Antalya A circular published by the TKGM (Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre) on the 15th of February has announced that from the 4th of March 2019, foreign property buyers in Turkey will need a real estate appraisal report citing the value...
  12. rafiki

    Bargain Bulgarian Property.

    Anyone interested in making the move over to Bulgaria? I have my furnished fully renovated house up for sale, Click on the link for full details and loads of pics! FURNISHED HOUSE FOR SALE 48,000 EUROS - Home Best way to contact me is by
  13. M

    Trying to decline property inheritance

    My brother was a Turkish resident and died leaving a Turkish will. However, my mother (and I ?)will inherit a reserved portion under the Turkish law. We live in the UK and do not want this, but to refuse it we are being asked to send apostilled documents which is going to cost about £500...
  14. B

    Wanted: Rental Property

    2 or 3 bed unfurnished property wanted for long term rent. The property must be close to the centre of Yalikavak, and in good condition. Please PM with: Sitesi name Monthly rental (TL) for 6 month period Monthly rental (TL) for 12 month period Monthly rental (TL) for 24 month period Current...
  15. T

    How to avoid a property scam in Turkey

    How to avoid a property scam in Turkey 1 - We highly recommend to deal with the reputable and trustfull estate agents and lawyers. 2 - We do reccomend to all foreign buyers, they should always have a proper investigation of their purchase carried out. 3 - Find a good estate agent and a...
  16. M

    Process for selling property in Turkey

    Hi there We bought our house from a developer so didn't go through the normal process. Now my work means we may have to sell. We've owned the house for 10+ years. Can anyone explain in simple terms what the steps are to actually sell the house? I've heard stories about needing to get...
  17. IbrahimAbi

    Buy to Let property in the UK

    Following the recent threads on Watch the Lira now, It is relevant to many foreign residents in Turkey who have one or more buy to let properties in the UK for investment purposes. The recent changes to taxation and claiming mortgage interest against tax only really hit if the properties are...
  18. juco

    Buy to Let property in the UK

    Chasey, If you do sell up on the BTL, I am sure you are aware but you maybe liable for CGT.
  19. C

    Re:Buy to Let property in the UK

    Re:Buy to Let property in the UK As someone with 10 UK BTL properties I can tell you that the BTL bubble is now well and truly pricked. The UK govt are putting ever increasing charges and punitive regulations on the BTL. Many are selling up and getting out as a result. Some local...
  20. T

    Selling property in Turkey

    Looking for advise please, I would like to sell our property privately, what do I need to do to transfer the property to the new owner and how do I transfer the funds home (GBP or Euro or TL). Do I need to use a lawyer? Thanks
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