1. S

    Selling properties illegally. Think again

    According to the Fethiye News Area, there's a clampdown kicking in on informal sales/advertising of properties on social media - such as Facebook. If you are not registered, you won't be able to sell. Their translation below, and attached news report: The clamp down on illegal house sales and...
  2. suecheshireuk

    Looking for rental properties near and around Fethiye or Calis.

    Well, it actually looks as though we may finally be on our way back, fingers crossed. We will be coming over within the next couple of weeks to look for somewhere to live, so if anyone can offer any help on this we would be really grateful. We need at least 3 bedrooms, pool not important, not...
  3. A

    Owners want to take over management of the properties on a complex

    Hello All I thank you all who offered sound advice when the builder shut off my water at the property. One of you suggested that the owners get together and take over the management. Well, we are going to do that!!! We are 16 properties with a community pool. Owners are from the UK, Germany...
  4. S

    Tax on rental properties in Turkey

    Information taken from the Everything Legal Turkey facebook page. Please be aware last date for paying 2014 property rental tax is the 20thMarch. The government are having a serious crackdown on undeclared rentals of foreigners properties and fines are severe. only the owners and their...
  5. lynda123

    members properties

    How do I qualify to enable me to put a property for sale in members properties? Or do I apply for permission?
  6. Ian2006

    Sunray Properties

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Maria and Debbie for a very professional / no hassle viewing experience on Thursday. We arranged the viewing a few weeks before and the place we were really interested in appeared to have been sold to a Turkish buyer (fast transaction appeal) so they...
  7. D

    Trouble in Syria and effect of Turkish Properties?

    Hi - I just wondered if anyone else is concerned about all the trouble in Syria and how it will affect Turkey? Someone posted yesterday that the UK was issuing travel warnings. What do you think?
  8. K

    Help - Bought property in Tuzla through Nokta properties

    My name is Helen. i am a widow with 2 dependant children yasemin and zaina. i lost their father ender in 2005 in a traffic accident. since i purchased a house in mersin and 1 apartment in bodrum. tuzla through nokta properties who have since gon bankrupt. i have a shell of a building and they...
  9. P

    Front line properties

    As a general principle would you expect to pay more for a front line property because you have an unobstructed view or less because of the risk of someone building in front of you?
  10. tomc1984

    properties sold

    Might it be an idea to remove sold properties, many a time I find something interesting only to get to the end and find it has been sold.
  11. A

    Good websites to advertise properties for holiday rentals?

    Can anyone recommend good websites to capture the English, German, Scandinavian etc. tourist to rent apartments/villas? Would like to advertise on a number of sites to engage with as many countries/guest as possible.
  12. SonnyJim

    Properties to rent!

    Hi! We have two brand new properties available for long term rentals in central locations in Datca. The first is a two bedroom apartment on a small development with a swimming pool and sea views. The second is a 3 bedroom house with STUNNING sea views. Both are excellent quality and have...
  13. S

    Bargain properties?

    With all the bad publicity, recession, serious slump in the housing market and gross over supply I often hear it said there are tremendous bargains going in Turkey with houses being sold at a fraction of their original price Does anyone know of any of these or is it really a myth? In Uzumlu...
  14. B

    Let's NOT sell properties in Calis...

    Having been told by this particular emlak/estate agent, that "nobody reads the Calis Forum anyway", he will not have anything to worry about when I post a warning about him here :-) An English agent who works for Let's Sell Properties, has been "helping" us with finding a tenant to rent our...
  15. O

    off plan properties in Istanbul

    Hello lovely people :D I am new in this forum and this is my fist post. So I have been reading about Turkey real-estate and it is booming. I've been looking at a couple of cities in turkey, but mainly Istanbul. My current preferred investment strategy would be to buy an off-plan luxurious...
  16. F

    2 x 3 bed rental properties available

    hi a friend just told me that there are two 3 bed properties to rent with river views in central Dalyan. one furnished and the other unfurnished. PM for further details. Hope they help some of you?
  17. N

    Rental properties

    Does anyone know of any cheap properties to rent for 2 weeks in any area of Altinkum/Didim.
  18. N

    hundreds of empty properties.

    Can someone explain why the turkish seem to build hundreds of homes on a site and then finish only a few leaving the sites looking empty run down and derelict. I can point many different sites near us around Candarli, izmir and I seem to see more wherever I go. Put the shell up and leave them...
  19. J

    Problem accessing members properties

    Hello everyone, Whilst I can access members properties for sale forum I cannot list my property for sale. I am upgrading and want to sell my current one. When I go on the forum, I go to new thread, to post my advert and it says I dont have permission to access the area. I have been a...
  20. B

    Four Properties on same sitesi needed to rent to Turkish guests from 1st to 31st July

    If any one can help please 'pm me' with the Sitesi name and the nett price you want to receive (e.g. cleaning and laundry and air con charges included in the nett price), but only if you (or you and your friends) can put together 4 properties on the same site with the requested availability...
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