1. T

    Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state proper

    Islamist Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state property' | World | News | Daily Express Any opinions on this move?
  2. shirleyanntr

    how to talk proper eeenglees

    heres a little anecdote from yesterday about minor differences in English and Turkish just some food for thought i help a young friend with her English lessons..she is 13 yesterday she came to me with part of an assignment her English teacher had given her after we finished we talked about...
  3. S

    Looking to use Proper Car Rental

    Has anyone used Proper Car Rental before ? are they reliable etc Regards Steveo
  4. P

    First proper holiday in 7 years!

    Can't wait, next week we are going on our first real holiday for 7 years. When I say that, I mean that since selling the villa, it means we don't feel we have to go there, clean, sort the bills, do the shopping/gardening etc etc etc. Instead, we have booked 2 weeks at a 5 star, adult only Spa...
  5. C

    This is Celal, with the proper introduction

    I have realized after having posted couple of times, I have not gone through the proper channels. Born in Turkey, however, grew up in America. Married to a wonderful lady who is interested in ethnic cultures, especially Turkish. We are considering buying a vacation property (as foreigners) in...
  6. bickern

    We was brung up proper !!

    pasted from an email. WE WAS BRUNG UP PROPER !! "And we never had a whole Mars bar until 1993"!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO WERE BORN IN THE1940's, 50's, and 60's First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank Sherry while they carried us and lived...
  7. Lillylilly


    Had a lovely meal at MJs Bar and Restaurant yesterday with proper Roast Pork and crackling and stuffing and yorkshire pud.....can really recommend it. She does a lot of pork products on her menu as well. Its a bush away from the Wiganar if anyone is having pork withdrawal and its not wild boar...
  8. P

    Proper Bacon in Side

    Just found some Bacon for sale in Side, shop that sells fruit, veg & everything pass Anadolu hospital on corner 1kg packs are 38 & 40tl not cheap but if you love bacon like i do, also sells HP sauce etc.
  9. mollag

    Proper music

    Just playing some tracks of a certain age which still get my blood going. So im wondering if there is anyone who remembers when R&B wasnt little mixed race girlies singing half ass gospel, when it was hairy blokes with beards who sang about white rooms, green manalishi's and had cool names like...
  10. yalimart

    your first proper wage

    Martyns thread about worst jobs has got me thinking about my first proper wage after school, I worked at Lennons supermarket before my apprenticeship started in 1976 and was paid the vast sum of £21.83 gross. can you remember your first wage ? more to the point can you remember what you did with...
  11. B

    Arcelik & Proper Car location

    Hello folks sorry if this is repetition but i would like to know the location of Arcelik and Proper car in Bodrum. i have combed existing threads without success. Just trying to put together the final details prior to our visit on 2nd July. This forum has been a great help to us and you all...
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