1. eshek

    Damp proofing

    hello We have just bought a villa in Urla which has no damp proofing. Does anyone have any suggestions how this could be remedied. Is damp proofing by injecting (a waterproofing solution) into the base of the building feasible here? If so the name of the solution please Thanks
  2. ceemac

    Damp Proofing System

    Apologies if this has been covered before but has anyone heard of a system with the trade name SolarVenti? This is a Danish system which dehumidifies/ventilates, is solar powered, and is maintenance free. I do know of the company that supplies/installs these systems in the SW of Turkey, but...
  3. S

    Damp proofing

    Hi all, Having viewed the threads about no nem and all the going on and problems he has caused i would still like to say that the company i dealt with were great. The work was carried out quickly and tidily and they even helped with the repainting. The company i used was Ruberstein which are...
  4. S

    another Damp Proofing company

    Re: No-Nem Customer Survey hi guys, i am new to the forum but have been reading the threads with interest. you may want to check out this company ruberstein, they are a dampproofing company in kusadasi and i have heard lots of good things about them.The company is originally german but these...
  5. K

    No Nem - damp proofing company

    Hi there just new to this site, came across it by chance. Was wondering if anyone knew the whereabouts of Phil Robinson the guy from no-nem damp proofing company that was in Kus and now is gone. thanks.
  6. A

    Damp Proofing

    New building regulations now have many properties being built with proper damp proof membranes -therefore alleviating the rising damp problems in new homes. I just wanted to know if any members have tried damp proofing older properties -especially in the Kusadasi area. I have heard that there...
  7. scoobydoo

    child proofing digi box.

    :crazy: Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before, does anybody know how to set a channel blocker for goldmaster box. We have kids coming over with us and dont want them flicking onto an adult channel by mistake. Step by step info if poss (not tech minded) thanks sue.x :der:
  8. K

    Damp proofing

    Damp-proofing During my yrs. in the construction industry in London, Essex and Suffolk we had to carry out lots of damp proofing work to various properties for various reasons and Building society requirements. We used a product that has been avail in the UK now for 35yrs. and has surpassed...
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