1. willip

    easyjet price promise

    booked return flights on Tuesday then notice this morning that the return flights had dropped by over £10 in price. rang up customer services and they said I could have a voucher for £48.00p. you can use it for any future booking or to use for anything else you want to add to your flight. I...
  2. L

    Steve Gorman, Eastern Promise

    Hi Can Anyone Help shed some light on this man and his family company. I have just found out 7 days prior to commencement of our holiday in Kusadasi that the villa we have booked is unsafe and we have no where to stay!!!! All monies had been paid up to date and the web page for the company has...
  3. Y

    Steve Gorman -eastern promise warning removed ??????

    Can anyone tell me why the comments regarding Steve of Eastern Promise have all been moved ??? These were good warnings for other to see. Im now a very confused new forum user.
  4. H

    Steve Gorman Eastern Promise

    Hi All, Hope someone can help. My husband and myself have been trying to contact Steve Gorman of Eastern Promise for the past while. We used him a couple of times to rent a villa on Long Beach. There is no answer from his phone numbers for the past while or reply from his email address. Does...
  5. ZiaCa'

    Promise Auction for Children's Charity- 1st June

    The Calis Children's Charity is organising an auction on 1st June on the Calis Seafront (around the Denis the Menace/Bostans area). Viewing between 6pm and 7pm. Auction at 7pm 1TL to register. Items auctioned range from a bar of Cadbury's to luxury Spa breaks....all depends on what local...
  6. A

    The Promise

    Anybody watching this series on channel4? 3rd part tonight,really good....
  7. B

    Sticking to a promise

    HI If a developer has failed in their previous attempt to complete sites/properties and has moved on to a totally different venture, but insists that when his newest project is up and running and making money then he promises and has don,t so on numerous occasions that he will come back and...
  8. KKOB

    EU 'breaking promise' to Turkey

    The European Union is in danger of breaking its promise that Turkey will eventually be granted membership, an influential group has warned. BBC NEWS | Europe | EU 'breaking promise' to Turkey
  9. L

    Making a promise in Turkey

    If you promise anything to a Turk, for example in my case i was walking past a restaurant every day during my first trips to Alanya, and every time i was asked to go in by the guy at the door, each time i said maybe later, you know the usual things we all say, but one day i said ok i come later...
  10. C

    Promise to protect Anzac graves

    The Australian TURKEY's Prime Minister said today his country would do everything necessary to protect the graves of Australian soldiers at Gallipoli. Visiting Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Turkish and Australian Governments had been unfairly accused of damaging the historic...
  11. merlin

    Turkey's Erdogan Faces Resistance to Promise of Kurdish Rights....

    Bloomberg Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's pledge to give more rights to the Kurdish minority has reignited the debate over what the government should do to end insurgent attacks and appease the European Union. Erdogan, 51, promised "more democracy'' for minorities and became...
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