1. T

    Thinni Govt Excludes Turkey From Libya Projects

    Libya's internationally recognized government has decided to exclude Turkish companies from projects in Libya, according a government linked Facebook page. Thinni Govt Excludes Turkey From Libya Projects :hearnoevi
  2. suzyq

    EXPOSED: Projects built on lies and sand

    THE extent of the lies behind Royal Resorts, its problems and the people running it can be exclusively revealed today by Voices. We have discovered that Royal Resorts’ Paradise Bay development at Akbük was a concept drawn up by a highly regarded architect who was then dumped and left 8,000...
  3. H

    Building regulations on renovation projects

    Hi, Can anyone help me please. We are currently purchasing a property in the Manavgat area of Antalya which needs to be completely renovated. Can anyone tell me where I might look for any building regulations that are applicable. I want to make sure that the renovations which are being...
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