1. Tenpin

    Info Project to promote secluded lake on way - Uzungöl

    Project to promote secluded lake on way Extract: Turkish authorities have initiated a new phase of a project implemented at Uzungöl, which is reminiscent of the Swiss Alps with its location surrounded by...
  2. yalimart

    Project Dope.

    So next time you spark up some blow, remember how it was immigrants who brought it here in the first place. Did Dope Dealers Found Western Civilisation? Did Dope Dealers Found Western Civilisation? Martin
  3. bal canavar

    Airport project in Kaş NGO'S call for a halt

    NGOs demand halt to airport project in Kaş Local NGOs have submitted a seven-page report to local state bodies opposing the construction of an airport in the resort of Kaş in the southern province of Antalya, as they fear the airport would have irreversible consequences for the town, which...
  4. teosgirl

    Aksoy Bodrum real estate project

    Turkey?s energy giant announces new real estate project in bid to diversify business - ENERGY Seems a brave move considering the current situation - perhaps they know something we don't know. Charlotte
  5. teosgirl

    New government project Camel Beach area

    Diyanet?ten Bodrum?a ??slam Tan?t?m ve Bilgilendirme Merkezi? ? Sözcü Gazetesi According to the article, a huge Islamic promotion and information centre is being built by the government at a cost of 30 million lira at the blue flag camel Beach. Charlotte
  6. bickern

    Project Free TV Down

    Project Free TV is no more. The hugely popular illegal TV streaming site – where visitors could watch full seasons of their favorite show or log on minutes after the show's broadcast ended to find full episodes – deleted its catalog of links and posted “Goodbye” on its website Thursday. The...
  7. MiddleEarth

    An Educational Open Source Project

    I am pleased to see occasional good news from the media and an educational effort as well. Be sure to watch the video... Bloodhound SSC: 1,000mph car built to inspire the next generation of British engineers "It is claimed that Britain's aircraft industry will lose 60% of its skilled workforce...
  8. bal canavar

    Vanity Project or Good Idea ??

    The Garden Bridge Project. The new garden bridge proposed to cross the Thames, is it a good Idea or just a Vanity project ?? The cost to build is estimated at a £160mil and £2mil to upkeep every year . So what do you think ?? Should they build it and keep London in the forefront of design ...
  9. teosgirl

    Controversial mosque project kicks off

    Controversial mosque project kicks off in ?stanbul - Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news I visited Istanbul this past weekend (Roger Waters) and stayed in a house in Ulus overlooking the Camlica hill. I could see the scarring of the ground work which had already been carried out...
  10. E

    Arzuoglu project develloper: WATCH OUT!!!

    We bought a property from this company in Side, a couple of years ago. Year after year, we find we're denied the every right to check the accounting. Even when we have a majority of the votes, the decisions are completely ignored. Sums are not accounted for and legal duties are not done by the...
  11. J

    Amyone looking for a Renovation Project?

    Three Bed semi on the Basko site. I will be over mid-May and available to show to interested parties. Basically a shell but wired and plumbed but can be made liveable for £5-6,000. I shall post photo's once in country. Will consider any reasonable offer - Tapu in hand. Jim.
  12. Z

    Urgent: legal advice on off-plan project

    Hi all, I need an urgent advice: I am planning to invest in an off-plan project (completion date is end of this year). I have seen the project and it is already quite advanced. All the documents are fine but there is still an issue with the contract: This is what was agreed with the...
  13. Y

    Steps for outdoor paint project

    Steps for outdoor paint project The first step to get started in the outdoor project is to prepare the surface to be painted. The masked glass windows in your house, you need to. To do this easily, you can use old newspapers and painter, Masking tape. Next, you can delete the ditch, spray, or...
  14. christella

    my latest project

    we wanted a summer house moved the rockery to buiding the base and fitting the summer house now the furnishings from ikea
  15. kaplumba

    Emma Coban/Pebble project

    Emma if you are reading this or if any one has her contact details please get in touch with me. A few years ago when we did the books for schools project in memory of Pebble, a box of books was sent to a school in Sivas. I know the head teacher of the school was so happy with them as he called...
  16. L

    Volunteers/room or shed to rent sought for animal welfare project in Avsallar

    A friend of mine is desperately looking for volunteer/s and a room/shed to rent to house rescued cats that have been adopted but need to safely complete the mandatory time period before they can leave the country to go to their new homes - and are at risk of poisoning, abuse etc if left...
  17. shirleyanntr

    project for foreigners

    Yesterday there a was a meeting in Altso about a project which states "Onlar bizim hemşehrimiz" they are our fellow countrymen.. not foreigners The object to make everybody who is living in Alanya to feel secure and part of the community as New Alanya citizens...and this message was also one...
  18. T

    No Tapu for babylon project - kumkoy

    I bought off-plan an apartment in the Babylon project of Mecitoglu Homes in Kumköy near Side. It's completed : a few details to change, but OK they need some time for this. Everything is paid, I got the key to the apartment and stayed there two times now. But I still don't have my tapu. In july...
  19. the bueman

    Bodrum Water Project to Tuzla Area

    Hi All I own a property on FCC, at the moment our Management Company has Built & Connected a Desalination Plant to supply fresh water to our complex and also for Turquoise and Royal Heights. We did not approve or instruct them to do so, however while the concept and benifits are a good idea in...
  20. A

    babylon project - kumkoy

    hello fellow forum members.we are both new to this forum and were just wondering if anyone had any information or involvement with the babylon project in kumkoy.we are buying off plan but have been informed that completion date has been put back.
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