1. teosgirl

    EU progress report slams Turkey

    EU progress report slams Turkey over rule of law, free speech - DIPLOMACY Turkey applied for EU membership in 1987 and accession talks began in 2005, but Ankara has since completed just one of the 33 “chapters” needed to join the bloc. The current ruling party continues to act in...
  2. suzyq

    Turkey makes progress in fighting tick-borne CCHF

    Any reduction is good. I didn't realise there were so many different species of ticks. Turkey has been moderately successful in fighting the spread of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), a tick-borne viral disease that can be fatal for humans in some cases, according to latest figures...
  3. Duke

    Karens Progress

    Hi Everyone in case others dont know we almost lost my wife Karen on 28th .. She asked me to ring an Ambulance at 6am & in 10 mins the Paramedic arrive & Blue lighted her to Worthing A&E... at 9am I was advised to get the Family from Wales as they felt she wouldnt make it!! Her Lungs wouldnt...
  4. teosgirl

    2010 progress report Turkey

    Texts adopted - Wednesday, 9 March 2011 I have read through this report and I'm shocked by the little attention given to women's issues (2 paragraphs) although it does highlight the legal requirement for a further 1350 odd shelters. I wonder in their 9 years in power, how many homes the...
  5. bickern

    Turkey to pass 17 bills ahead of EU progress report

    Parliament is hoping to pass 17 bills as soon as deputies return from summer recess in October in hopes of earning praise from the European Union in its yearly progress report for exerting efforts to harmonize Turkey's legislation with the union's laws. Turkey to pass 17 bills ahead of EU...
  6. ceemac

    Pilgrim's progress: Turkey's new trekking route

    A new pathway across Anatolia celebrates the Ottoman traveller Evliya Çelebi – in a landscape that has barely changed since he wandered here in the 17th century. Here C
  7. D

    progress in Gumbet

    Anyone got news on Gumbet going in May just wonder what i'm going to see
  8. ceemac

    EU report says Turkish progress “limited”

    A report on Turkish preparations required for negotiations to join the European Union has described reform progress as ‘remaining limited’ Here C
  9. K

    Hows the progress going

    Hi all. I have recently purchased an apartment on the hillside complex and was wondering what has changed since last time i was there in May. The day i left they had just switched on the waterfall feature at the pool above the management office and i was told that the resturaunt and the shop...
  10. SAMIMI

    Progress on tapu ?

    As there are many people who have paid their full money for properties here in Turkey and still not received a Tapu (deeds), how do you find out about the progress to date? Is there some way you can find what the number of your application is, if so how do you go about this? It seems crazy...
  11. G

    Furniture packs and progress update

    Hi, can anyone tell me how much I should pay for a furniture pack and a good place to buy it? also, what is the complex looking like now? also, is there anything I should know about as I am thinking of buying here in the next few weeks
  12. C

    Latest Progress

    Hello everybody just wondering if anyone has been out to yasmin gardens lately and whether there have been any further progress with the site. We were last out there in July. Look forward to some news :5:
  13. W

    Tuzla Park Lake Resort

    Hi, has anyone out there bought an apartment in Tuzla Park Resort?
  14. J

    Owners - progress on site completion

    We are visiting Gocek in 2 weeks time. The latest photos show that the central indoor pool / restaurant still needs to be built. Site landscaping is also incomplete. We will post a progress report on our return. In the meantime we would welcome any feedback from fellow owners.
  15. W

    Altinkum Marina Progress

    Hi All, Anyone interested in the progress of the marina can find some photos in the gallery that i took during my hols just one week ago. (August 2007) We stayed in our friends apartment at the Oasis Village and we used the new marina road to get to the Third Beach. With lorries flying by at the...
  16. T

    Olive gradens - latest progress??

    Guys Has anyone just been out or going out over the next week?. I saw some photos from I think the 4th July, but I was wondering how the site was looking this week and if the swimming pool will be commissioned for when were out there in about 3 weeks time? anyone know about progress over the...
  17. gus

    Bump Progress 360 Pano

    Hi all This is not really Turkey related, but a few members have extended their wishes to my wife and I, and our baby that is due in August, so I thought I'd share a 360 pano I was asked to make by our family abroad to report on the progress of the "bump". It can be viewed at the website below...
  18. S

    Building progress

    Anyone have any word on the progress of 1 The Fethiye Bus station 2 New shopping centre in Hisaronu Thanks
  19. J

    Any progress with the new road?

    Hi, has anyone in Kalkan heard how the new road is progressing (the one being built over the hill heading towards Kas) has any work been going on over the winter? Any idea of a completion date? Just wondering.........
  20. shirleyanntr

    basic test..check your progress

    here's a test to see how you are getting prizes just a bit of fun and a lot of learning make sentences out of the following by putting them in the right order Kaç-evde-var -kişi? biniyor-bisiklete-çocuk rengini-severim-mavi-çok kitap-zamanlarımda-çok-boş-severim-okumayı...
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