1. S

    Pet hate TVs programmes

    There's some programmes I don't like, that's fair enough. But there are also some that really grind my gears even though I don't even watch them Take for example the dirty b@@@@@@s who live in their own filth- and along comes a programme that cleans up the squalor and s@@t these waste of...
  2. D

    Satellite TV - English programmes

    Hello everyone! We are hoping to move to the Fethiye area from the UK sometime next year. I am Chris 61 yrs & Husband Jim 64yrs, although a bit nervous about about taking the leap, we have been to the area on holiday and fallen in love with it. We were just discussing whether it's possible...
  3. D

    tv british programmes

    hi de hi campers, i read here that members are taking sky boxes over for there tellys, does it work and would a virgin/media box do the same job? Also how long does it take to get a residance? permit from the start to finish?:16vf:
  4. edeller

    English TV Programmes

    So... looks like I have hotbird and nilesat to look forward to on my next visit. Ive had a look at the channels and have managed to establish that Eastenders is on BBC prime. What other good English TV is available on the other channels? What channels do you find yourselves watching most of...
  5. C

    translators or translation programmes

    handheld translators or translation programmes Can anyone help with a suitable translation programme or online dictionary they use i never seem to be able to use the online dictionary at etaca it tells me the words are not available and to buy now for a better service i have used the search...
  6. M

    Television Programmes

    Its ok to have a TV with loads of channels but how do people know or find out what programmes on when and on what station. It not like we can get TV mags which we can read in Turkey, or can we? mo
  7. plymouthspur

    Live Premiership & Sports programmes in Altinkum

    Hi all Well I have taken an hour or so and read all the posts about receiving Sky etc in Turkey and have left our agent to get quotes for us when we return end of December. Not really enamoured with having a huge dish on the roof to receive Sky so was wondering what the best package will be...
  8. Andy

    Favourite TV Programmes

    I always look forward to the following 1/ QI with Colin Fry 2/ The Vicar of Dibley 3/ David Attenborough Series
  9. Carolyn

    Holiday programmes

    Top Ten holiday package destinations on in a few minutes on BBC1. Maybe Turkey will get a mention. Also, if the TV pages free with the Mail are to be believed on Tuesday on More 4 - a Place in the Sun Revisited - Amanda Lamb visits Turkey. Where it doesn't say. Might help focus our minds on...
  10. murdo

    TV programmes on Turkey

    Ihear that Altinkum/Turkey have been featured on some Sky/terrestrial TV channels. Are any due on the telly again as I never seem to see them!!! Jackie
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