1. IbrahimAbi

    BBC programme on Turkish History

    The world-renowned British actor and radio presenter Larry Lamb and his son, radio and television presenter George Lamb, will introduce Turkish history, archeology and culture on a TV show, state-run Anadolu Agency has reported. Lamb, known for his role in the BBC’s TV series “Eastenders,” and...
  2. teosgirl

    TV programme censorship... take 2

    Turkey?s election board bans TV program for ?one-sided? opinions - LOCAL We've seen some strange and funny censorship over the years, unfortunately this is no joke. Charlotte
  3. sasa

    New Turkish Cookery Programme

    Top chef Allegra McEvedy on Turkey's fantastic food... Turkish Delights with Allegra McEvedy - Outline Productions I caught this programme last Sunday night-i really recommend it. Although i live a normal Turkish life in Antalya with Him Indoors, i am currently in the UK, so watching...
  4. L

    Horizon tv programme BBC 2

    I have just watched this programme on the iplayer (was on last night) I thought it was amazing the new treatments that are available to some cancer patients. I found it really positive & incredible the progress that has been made & that they hope will continue to be made in the future. I am...
  5. T

    Side Festival 2012 Programme

    The programme for the 2012 Side Festival has now been published, at www(dot)sidefestival(dot)com. Sorry, I can't post a proper URL as I haven't yet made 15 posts.
  6. Firebrand

    The hidden art of Islam - TV programme

    TV Programme on BBCFour 9pm this Thursday From the Guardian's TV listings: Rageh Omaar visits an exhibition of artefacts from the Muslim world at the British Museum, and examines artworks reflecting the Hajj, a holy pilgrimage to Mecca. He discovers how Islamic artists throughout history have...
  7. S

    New fav programme

    Has anyone been watching the new Beeb2 comedy written by Ricky Jervais "Lifes too short" Absolutely hilarious and def my new fav proggy.
  8. Firebrand

    Radio 4 programme 'Turkish Delight' about the Turkish community in Britain

    BBC iPlayer - Turkish Delight? For anyone able to access IPlayer. I haven't listened to it yet, but the Guardian said of it: Turkish Delight? (Radio 4) began and ended with kebabs. But, as presenter Yasmeen Khan noted, "very little is known about the community behind them". One woman who grew...
  9. tomc1984

    Shocking panorama programme Undercover Care

    Absolutely speechless, angry etc. after watching horrifying panorama undercover programme. Let's hope criminal charges are brought. BBC iPlayer - Panorama: Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed
  10. lara

    Programme on tonight ...Channel 4

    Just caught this, looks interesting. Started at 8pm and it's called, Civilisation; Is the West history.
  11. Leyley

    BBC programme on Turkey tonight

    A friend of mine caught this 50 minute programme on Istanbul and Anatolia this morning and said it was excellent. It is being shown again on BBC World at 22:10 tonight [Turkish time] - an Explore programme. Hope you enjoy.........
  12. sasa

    Turkish TV programme guilty of sensationalizing rape?

    Lust for TV ratings leads to sensationalizing rape, critics in Turkey say... I for one felt particularly repulsed upon further reading of this article in Hurriyet Lust for TV ratings leads to sensationalizing rape, critics in Turkey say - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review I do believe...
  13. F

    BBC 'Face the Facts' programme

    In the light of the numbers of buyers from the UK affected by scams, criminal actions and delays to purchasing, the following link with email and post address details to the respected factual investigative BBC Radio programme 'Face the Facts' by the journalist John Waite may be of interest to...
  14. KKOB

    Digiturk Programme Listings

    Anyone else having problems with getting the Digiturk Programme Listings ? When I call up the listings on the TV I get the usual grid and the "Loading information from the satellite" then after a few seconds "No information available" and the grid stays empty. I've done all the usual stuff...
  15. carolk

    ITV programme to be made about Turkey - Altinkum.

    From Voices Newspaper. Michael Hanney is making a programme for ITV about ex-pats who may have make a mistake coming to live abroad. There is going to be one about Turkey, particularly Altinkum. Anyone wanting further details can contact Mr Hanney on 0044 207 428 5752 or email him at...
  16. shirleyanntr

    aspendos summer programme

    The 14th Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival will be held between June 7th - July 16th, 2007, in Aspendos Amphitheater near Antalya. It's one of the most esteemed cultural events in the world and maybe the best in Turkey. This place is wonderful but i think it may soon have less concerts and...
  17. kaplumba

    BBC 1 holiday programme

    7pm tonight BBC 1 holiday programme featuring Turkey.
  18. P

    meya sitesi renovation programme near guvercinlik

    i wandered if anybody knew anything about this renovation called meya villas near guvercinlik , bodrum . its a cooperative being wound up with three bedroom detached villas including new furniture being modernised and sold for £45k also with communal facilities . they are being renovated and...
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