1. A89

    Very interesting program

    I watched this last night and thought it was fascinating, informative and incredibly moving. The second episode is on on Wednesday. BBC iPlayer - My Family, Partition and Me: India 1947 - Series 1: Episode 1 Alison
  2. F

    Jet 2 to double their 2018 Turkey program!

    Jet 2 To Double Their 2018 Turkey Program. Many industry professionals in Turkey were delighted at an announcement by JET 2 Holidays and Flights that due to increased demand for Turkish holidays, they will double the capacity of their 2018 program. With 430,000 seats on sale overall, the...
  3. oldfogy

    Computer Backup Program required.

    I was going to continue this on the other thread: But decided to start a new one as the other one was getting a bit on the long side and also diversifying slightly, (yes I'm just as guilty as some) However I now...
  4. SonnyJim

    Blue Habour Cinema Program

    Does anyone know if there is a website with the Blue Harbour cinema program that is updated regularly? Thanks
  5. suzyq

    Turkey/EU Prison Reform Program

    Turkey and the EU have concluded a program on harmonizing prison standards, during which 1000 hours of training where given to prison officers. Turkey, EU conclude prison reform program - RIGHTS
  6. Jaycey

    Third World Space Program
  7. oldfogy

    Lightweight AV program wanted

    Not wanting to mess up another thread, so I'll start and ask here. I'm looking for suggestions for a 'Lightweight AV program' I'm in the process of reinstalling my underpowered Netbook (Asus K72F, running Windows7 Starter, with 1GB RAM which is not upgradeable) Basically to get rid properly of...
  8. kemerkid

    $600-bln Turkish oil program ends in failure

    Turkey's biggest oil exploration campaign to date failed to make a viable discovery after seven years' work at a site in central Anatolia, yielding no trace of crude, Turkish media reported on Monday. $600-bln Turkish oil program ends in failure Another energy plan down the drain.
  9. lara

    TV Program :Make me a Muslim

    Watched a programme last night on BBC 3, Make me a Muslim. Might be of interest to some members' the programme center's around five Muslim re-verts and the host of the programme who is a British Pakistan muslim. Would be interesting to hear other peoples views
  10. M

    Satellite TV Program Receiver System

    Does anyone knows a shop or man to repair/setup satellite tv reciever system Should be from Bodrum or area Thanks mia
  11. altinkumforum

    Turkish Language Certificate Program

    Hi everyone, Anadolu University is an open university system in Turkey, and they organize certificate programs for Tukish people (such as, banking, financing, business etc). and now they have started Turkish Language Certificate program more details in the link below you can view the site in 4...
  12. ceemac

    Program for Int’l Istanbul Music Festival announced

    The program for the International Istanbul Music Festival has been announced. The festival, which will take place between June 3 and 30, will welcome over 500 local and foreign artists in its 38th year and present stars Arvo Pärt, Lang Lang and one of the most important orchestras of classical...
  13. maggie

    Correct program.

    Right you tecky lot. What program do I need if Im going to write letters and stuff on my computter. Sometimes I dont want to send e mails and a formal printed out letter looks a lot nicer. Someone said I needed WORD is that right.?????? Hugs Maggie xx
  14. D

    Bodrum Peninsula Animal Welfare: Neuter and Return Program

    Hi all, I do not wish to start a debate on the already well covered issue of Animal Welfare. I simply would like to share the latest information regarding the current Street Animal Neuter and Return Program, which was covered in the latest issue of the Bodrum Bulletin. Here are the current...
  15. Andy

    Free Antivirus Program

    Avast Antivirus Home Edition - This is a free antivirus program that i consider to be the best at protecting your PC. Also comes with an On-Access Scanner built in to search your system for viruses etc. whilst you are browsing. Highly Recommended!
  16. M

    ytl exchange rate website program

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a reliable reasonably market accurate website program that can display ytl - gbp exchange rates ? We don't really want to inbed a link to another website - eg HSBC , but have been looking for a small display program that we can put on our website. Any suggestions...
  17. Lynda

    Xmas Day Program

    For any Alanyaites, if you are here over the Xmas period maybe you would like to join in our xmas day program. It starts at 16,00hrs witha glass of mulled wine. Followed by: Pumpkin soup Roast Rib of Beef with seasonal veg. Creamed & Roast pots. Yorkshire puddings ( inşallah) Mustard sauce &...
  18. merlin

    Amazing photo editing and indexing program....

    Picasa 2.0 Freeware (from Google) Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC. Every time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all your pictures (even ones you forgot you had) and sorts them into visual albums organized by date with folder...
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