1. Squeaky

    ‘CB foundation made TL 2.5 billion in unfair profit'

    Good afternoon: I have noticed many posts complaining about the rip offs and scams that have been pulled on members with many people asking why the authorities have not or do not do something to protect people from such illegal/immoral actions. This morning I noticed a short article in...
  2. gren

    Stop Short term profit - From the horses mouth!

    Turkey can do better, Thomas Cook CEO says - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  3. Andywebb

    Who gets the profit?

    I live in Spain, have now for over 15 years. Buying a house here is similar to Turkey except you do not need the military clearance. But you do need a deed similar to the TAPU in Turkey to say that you own the property outright. My question comes in two parts. Part 1. I think it can be said...
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