1. teosgirl

    Profile of a Turk

    Turkish people?s profile revealed in new survey - LOCAL 94% of Turks have never travelled abroad for a holiday and 69% of husbands think wives need their permission to work. These are the most shocking to me. Sometimes I think the west coast and Izmir should be annexed to Europe. Charlotte
  2. pete-speleo

    profile pics

    trying to change profile picture
  3. jaimie

    Trying (in vain) to get a new profile pic on here

    Good evening Everyone. A teeny tad of a problem. I am now (much to my own disgust) having to use a new pc (as I broke the old one) running windows 7. I was using "ubuntu" nutty narwhal which I liked a lot. Anyway I have tried resizing a pic of me (looking less like a sex god:lol:) and more...
  4. Miss Money Penny

    changing profile pic

    I decided it's time to change my profile photo. I have uploaded the same photo to other sites without a problem it's 63x100 size 7.93. The photo will appear in my profile but when I click save I get the message file upload failed, what am I doing wrong?
  5. P

    Profile names on TLF

    Just occurred to me (and I know this is as interesting as watching paint dry) but have you ever wondered how people came up with their profiles/usernames (or whatever they're called) on this forum. Take Saorise for example, I'd say one of the best posters on here but until now I'd never thought...
  6. millilove76

    profile photo

    I am trying to add a photo to my profile. I have managed to upload it and now i can see it on my profile page, but its not on my posts. Can anyone explain please how to add it. many thanks x
  7. Glen

    Putting a photo on profile

    I have uploaded a picture to my profile which says it is in my profile picture but does not show against my name when posting. Help!
  8. jcrian

    Profile picture?

    How do you get your profile picture to appear in any threads that you post? Thanks :der:
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