1. V

    Dairy free products

    Not sure this is the right place but my little girl has milk allergy and so has a dairy free diet, anyone else dairy free and can give me any tips for shopping and eating out? Would you recommend bringing some of our own food out with us? We have had info previous on here regarding the milk this...
  2. B

    Pork products supplier

    Our pork supplier in Kalkan is running his stock down. Can anyone advise if there is a shop in Fethiye selling pork.
  3. suzyq

    Türk Telekom merges all products, services under single brand

    Türk Telekom has merged all of its products and services offered by Avea, TTNET and Türk Telekom under the single Türk Telekom brand, in line with global trends and the needs of its customers. With this step, Türk Telekom has consolidated its position as an integrated communication, technology...
  4. A

    dairy products

    are there any shops in didim area where one can purchase bacon?also butter and cheddar cheese,can you let me know what are they called in Turkish?Only hand luggage this time so unable to take over. Many Thanks art2
  5. N

    English food products

    Does anyone know if any of the big supermarkets in Didim or Altinkum sell fry light or fat free natural yoghurt. Thanks
  6. abba

    Pork products from Porkynet

    Having read the article in The Bodrum Bulletin, I decided to pay a visit to the shop in Gumbet. A good range of frozen products and I purchased some smoked bacon from Greece and a pork tenderloin from England. Having tried both, I am impressed with the quality and also the pricing. Will be...
  7. V

    Chemist products

    Is it safe to assume that the products bought in chemists are the genuine article...I'm talking about things like L'oreal creams, Pantene shampoo and pharmaceuticals....I have bought Zirtec in the past.... etc, there is a shop in Manavgat, a big chemist on the right heading down the main road...
  8. Y

    Naturamaks food products

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Fethiye where these are sold. They used to be available in Migros .... soups and sauces etc ...then when Migros stopped stocking them, I found a small shop in the town center ...but then he closed down. They are great products, wonderful tasting and all...
  9. D

    baby products in gumbet

    hello, Im heading to gumbet in a few weeks time with my 1 year old baby & was just wondering if anyone can tell me if I can buy any of the following items there & where they are available, Pampers baby dry nappies Pampers sensitive baby wipes Farleys rusks Baby juice Weetabix Cow & gate or...
  10. J

    Do Pegasus sell Duty Free products onboard?

    Hi will be travelling next week to Antalya. I just wondered if Pegasus Airlines sold alcohol duty free items onboard their flights? And if so what prices are we looking at for Smirnoff Vodka & Jack Daniels?? Also, could anybody tell me what prices the above drinks are at Antalya Terminal 2...
  11. D

    Pork Products Wanted..??

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the contact details of the guy, I believe was from Side who use to deliver Pork Products all the way down to Alanya..?? I've lost his mob number, and would like to contact him asap with an order. Many thanks in advance. Del
  12. C

    Quorn Products where and if you can buy here.

    Does anyone know if you can buy Quorn Products anywhere on the Bodrum Peninsula. Have tried to work out how to search for any previous questions on this by pressing Search, but did not seem to find anything about this subject (whether I have searched right is another question)!! Any advice on...
  13. D

    Pork Products

    Hi Guys, I'm living in Konakli near Alanya and I've been told that there is a Wholesaler's in the Side area selling Pork Products..?? Is this correct and does anyone have any contact details..?? Many thanks in anticipation ..!
  14. saffie

    Weetabix and other products

    For those of you who like Weetabix I thought you may like to know that the wholesale market along the main road coming into and leaving Marmaris is now stocking Weetabix original and the mini weetabix with fruit/sultanas along with a variety of other uk products. The man told me in another 2...
  15. P

    Tesco Technika products

    Im thinking about getting a new monitor/TV for my home office and having worked in the computer industry for many years I was of course going to get a nice one, good spec, etc. But when browsing in Tesco the other day I noticed their Technika branded products seemed to have a good spec for a...
  16. KKOB

    Change In Law Governing Garden Products

    The Turkish government have now passed a law banning the open sale of horticultural poisons, pesticides and herbicides... Fethiye | Change in Law Covering Garden Products
  17. M

    Cleaning products and keeping stainless steels shiny

    Hi everyone, I have searched for threads on this but haven't found anything so am looking for your advice and tips. I find it really difficult to keep the bathroom fittings clean, I have tried lots of different cleaning products, and Por Coz (it gave my hand a chemical peel as I hadn't noticed...
  18. Gazarra

    Solarventi Products

    I'm considering installing a solar powered fan at my property to allow the place to be aired throughout the year. I already use solar power at a summer cottage I have and run the lighting and a fridge from just one panel. I'm interested in the products Solarventi (who advertise on this site)...
  19. S

    Availability of Soya Products etc

    Hello everyone. I'm maybe coming for a holiday in September and would like some advice. My 2 year old is allergic to milk and other things. I need to know whether your supermarkets stock any soya products. The best one for him is Alpro Soya Milk and Yoghurts. If someone could let me know that'd...
  20. P

    Baby products from Migros in SIDE

    Hi all, We are going to Side next Tuesday and will be popping into the Migros there. Can anyone please advise what baby products they do. Do they do nappies and wipes etc. I have twins so don't want to be lugging loads of baggage. If i can get all their. They are on normal milk and food so...
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