1. juco

    Sustainable production & consumption

    Nice take on sustainables, well I enjoyed it. Kind of explains how governments think/work. The Story of Stuff
  2. ceemac

    Turkey Seeking To Attract Share Of Bollywood Movie Production

    Turkey aims to become one of the movie sets for Bollywood, Indian film industry, which produces nearly 1,400 movies a year. Here C
  3. kaplumba

    Silk production in Eski Datca

    I found this article in sunexpress news. I've never been aware of this in Eski Datca - has anyone else heard of it? Sericulture Regenerates in Datça 29.06.2007 17:17 Datça, pronounced Datcha, is the name of the 80 km long peninsula National Reserve between Aegean and the Mediterranean...
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