1. L

    Help on residence process

    Would like to understand what the process is in the yearly residence application
  2. M

    Process for selling property in Turkey

    Hi there We bought our house from a developer so didn't go through the normal process. Now my work means we may have to sell. We've owned the house for 10+ years. Can anyone explain in simple terms what the steps are to actually sell the house? I've heard stories about needing to get...
  3. Marirabbit

    SGK process in Bodrum

    Hi everyone. My husband and I are coming to the end of our second year living in Bodrum. We want to apply to SGK for health cover so we've been to the Devlet and had ours mandatory 'checks', by the doctors, paid our 200tl each and have collected the paperwork from the hospital admin. The next...
  4. K

    Help with selling process please?

    Is their anyone experienced in the process? I have the following questions 1) Once you find a buyer do you have to book a appointment at the Tapu office to sell or just turn up? 2) Property stamp duty is currently 4 % . How do they work the tax out as for example you sell your property...
  5. immac

    Eviction Process

    Can someone explain the eviction process in Turkey, please? In my block there is one rental property, currently occupied by Turkish family who display all the negative traits of bad neighbours - threats, disregard of cleaning , waving guns around to settle arguments, police often attending -...
  6. J

    Property Transfer following a Gift - What is the process?

    Hi All, I have a question relating to the transfer of a property by gift and am hoping someone can help me. I will try to keep this brief: My father recently gifted our property in Turkey to me. We have a local lawyer in Turkey who has Power of Attorney to effect the transfer of this...
  7. D

    Selling Apartment in Turkey Process?

    Morning folks, just need some advice. My Turkish neighbour wants to buy my apartment. Just wondered what paperwork apart from tapu I may need. Similarly I don't fancy counting out so much cash so is the cash put in my account before i sign transfer? Sorry to sound thick but never sold before and...
  8. yalimart

    Istanbul International Transit Process

    I am looking to book some flights from Manchester to Singapore and Hong Kong to Manchester for early next year. There are a number of airlines offering single touch down flights such as Turkish, Qatar, Emirates that fit my requirements regarding price, I would need to drink less champagne for a...
  9. T

    Peace Process revealed by CHP

    I only have this in Turkish if anyone can find an English version that would be great. CHP outlined what is in the 'Peace Process' and part of it is to have States like the USA but only 25 States not 52, Like the US each state will make its own rules and control its own day to day management...
  10. T

    PKK Peace Process

    The peace process between the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Turkey is continuing despite warnings by rebels that negotiations are facing collapse over two primary concerns: Ankara's inaction in stopping the advance of Islamic State militants in Kobani, and the Turkish military's recent...
  11. Frank&Mary

    Property sale process

    We are in the process of selling our apartment and have been informed that the 'cadastral value' (turkish - rayic bedel) needs to be applied for from the Belediye. Has anyone else come across this step in the process. I have no problem with accepting this as a valid step in the process, but...
  12. T

    Peace process - Turkey

    The peace process bill has been passed today I believe all parties except MHP have signed agreement to the Peace Process. Fantastic news.
  13. T

    Bill to support Peace Process

    Turkey submits bill to boost Kurdish peace process. The bill was long sought by pro-Kurdish politicians, partly to remove the risk of those involved in the talks being prosecuted if the political climate in Turkey turned against the process in the future. The draft law protects anyone involved...
  14. Tenpin

    Car Selling Process in Turkey?

    Hi Could anyone explain to me what the process is for selling a car? Do you just go to the notary for transfer of ownership? And, is it the same process for selling to foreigners as well as Turkish people? The car has an MA plate. Thanks Garry
  15. teosgirl

    Victim of rape, becomes victim of slow judicial process

    LOCAL - Turkish victim of alleged rape demands urgent action to have abortion Sad and shocking treatment by the state authorities. Charlotte
  16. E

    RP Cancellation in process, can i enter as a tourist?

    Hope someone can help! My Turkish work permit was cancelled in April / May and my company has submitted the cancellation request for my Residence permit since a very long time, however the RP has still not been cancelled. I need to visit Turkey for a couple of days on a tourist visa and I am...
  17. shirleyanntr

    Kurds Turks peace process

    recently theres been a lot of interaction between the government the BDP and Abdullah Ocalan the jailed leader of the PKK and talk of changes in the Constitution the pm has had meetings with Ocalan and the signs are promising. Not everybody is happy but something needs to change. i think its...
  18. PASH

    Bailiff Process in Turkey advice

    Just wondering if any members have been through this process. Quick outline - I won a case in June against a rogue lawyer and was awarded a decent sum of money by the court. The Bailiff process was started towards the end of that month for collection - to date i have heard nothing from either...
  19. onz

    buying Process starting again

    HI all just been informed that the buying process will be starting again on the 13th
  20. Carolyn

    Process for buying/registering 2nd hand car

    Hello there We are looking at a 2nd hand car for sale by private owner (Turkish). Can someone please advise us of the process from A - Z? Someone has said we need to go to the Maliye with the vendor to make sure there is no money outstanding, and then to a Notary, complete with an interpreter...
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