1. T

    Internet connection probs

    I am having problems with my broadband connection. I am not at all techy. My broadband provider tells me there is an open fault on my telephone line and this is causing the broadband problems I am having. I contacted my phone provider I use a different company because I have a contract with...
  2. S

    Turkey on Holiday Hit Squad - BBC1

    Turkey gets another bashing in tonights Holiday Hit Squad, Bbc1. There are indeed some ropey hotels over there!!!!
  3. mollag

    Pirate bay probs

    i hanvt been able to open Pirate Bay for a couple of days. I see they are now dot se rather than dot org, is this my problem or have the copy goons closed them dowm?
  4. A89

    skype probs again?

    Anyone else having problems getting onto skype today? Yesterday it kept dropping out but today I cant get in at all! Its driving me mad! :ranting:
  5. A89

    skype probs?

    Is anyone else having a problem signing into and/or staying signed into skype? Yesterday and today have been crappy for me.
  6. catweazle

    Dream Box probs with Sky

    Is anyone else having problems getting sky channels with the dreambox from ahmet mert, today i only seem to be getting the free sky channels
  7. chelsea boy

    anyone else having probs with you tube

    Its not just you tube, google vids as well . I use open dns but it now won't connect ,,,just sits there with connecting to you tube message until it times out! Have the turks found a way to block the by pass?
  8. arrian

    computer probs

    yesterday my hubby was on e-bay for about an hour, when the message came up "cannot navigate page" anyway, to cut a long, long story short! i contacted the support centre,( and luckily they phoned me back on my mobile!) and after trying all the options that he knew, connection was ok, etc etc...
  9. ted j

    hotmail photo attach probs

    The photo attach feature that hotmail has "disabled" is due(according to their latest info) to be reinstated "at the end of September", maybe then ,we'll be able to send more than 2 pics at a time without compressing them ------We'll see . Ted
  10. ted j

    Hotmail Attach Probs

    Anyone else Having Problems With Hotmail Attachments? (Photos) I Tried To Upload Some Today, And The Drop Down Attach "Photo-File" Is Missing And You Can Only Load 1 Pic At A Time Ted
  11. R

    Please Help Major Broadband probs???

    Hello My broadband stopped working and I have tried everything, calling my isp helpline,, reinstalling software,, using new filters,, buying a new modem,,, rebooting,, still does not work. So had to go back to dial up. Cannot understand why my broadband no longer works. My isp provider...
  12. Struggs

    Car Probs

    Posting just in case anyone has had this problem and know what might be causing it. I have a 1991 Proton 1.5GL. Last Monday drove for 7 miles then parked up for 20mins, drove 1/4 mile and lost acceleration, foot on accelerator but no power for about 10 secs then it came back, further 1/2 mile...
  13. C

    Electric Blues and Water Probs

    We had so many probs... geting these things turned on! Anyone there with same fiasco?
  14. merlin

    TTNet ADSL.... If you have probs, read here

    The top tier ADSL package in Turkey is currently 2mbit unmetered. There is also a 1mbit and a 512k service available. However, many people have reported disappointing transfer rates from all tarrifs. In the UK it would be fairly easy to resolve this ie. if you dont get what you pay for then...
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