1. A89

    VPN problems

    Does anyone know a free or cheap VPN that I can use to watch TV just for a couple of weeks until I leave? I have UKTV Access but have increasing problems with it and have got to the end of my tether with it. Over the last 6-9 months ive been having an increasing amount of times when its so slow...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Problems logging in with existing member

    I have been asked to cut and paste this on behalf of a TLF member who has suddenly got problems logging in:- 'As of a few days ago I started getting problems viewing anything within TLF. I can get onto TLF but if I try to view a thread or click on absolutely anything (including trying to sign...
  3. immac

    Problems at the other CBF?

    The other CBF seems to be making decisions about its future. This was posted by the owner yesterday: "I always said I would continue to keep CBF alive while it was still fun. It isn't. I haven't the time to influence it, I really don't need it, I kept it going because I thought some of you...
  4. yalimart

    Email Problems

    I am aware of people with BT email accounts having problems with the Turkish e visa problem, we always use a gmail account for that reason. Last night I booked some flights on Turkish Airlines, by this morning I still hadn't received the e mail confirmation to my Btopenworld account but had to...
  5. Kingfisher

    Health problems at Bayram

    Hürriyet reporter Aziz Özen, who was following Erdoğan, said he saw the president collapse at 6 a.m. before the start of the prayers. “Bodyguards quickly ran to the scene, and then the doctors came,” said Özen. Erdoğan says he is well after suffering health problem during Eid prayers...
  6. S

    Garanti internet problems

    Hi, Anyone having problems using Garanti internet banking Been using it fine until now, same account number, same password But for some reason won't let me in, Any ideas, Regards, Kevin
  7. U


    ISIS film themselves burning Turkish soldiers alive after capturing them in Aleppo | Daily Mail Online Warning... graphic pictures
  8. immac

    Prison Problems

    I was listening to a news bit about current problems throughout the UK prisons; I used to work with an ex-prison officer who would explain some of the Spanish Practices that went on to the benefit of officers. One annual regular is trouble kicking off during October and November. The officers...
  9. J

    Facebook Problems??

    Anybody else having facebook problems? Mine went down late last night and still the same this morning. Dont know if it is my computer or if there has been a clamp down again??
  10. A89

    Problems upgradıng to Wın 10

    Ive been tryıng to upgrade my Wın 7 laptop to wın 10 for about a week wıth no joy. The fırst tıme ıt was takıng hours and hours to get past 98%, the next mornıng was stıll at 98% so restarted and after ıt spent well over an hour sortıng ıtself back out to Wın 7 I decıded to try agaın before the...
  11. Jaycey

    Torrent problems ahead?

    World's 'biggest online pirate' faces charges over $1bn of illegal copying A Ukrainian alleged to be the ringleader of the world’s biggest online piracy site, Kickass Torrents, has been accused of distributing more than $1bn worth of illegally copied films, music and other content. The US...
  12. A

    Electrical problems

    Just be told the electrics on the top floor of our duplex Are not working. A friend has been round who knows a little bit about electrics , but no joy so far. So looking for someone with the right testing gear to locate the problem. We are Up by the uni (sahte cennet)
  13. bickern

    Problems With Android Security.

    Many whinge at Microsoft for instance, about updates and the fact that they do not like them, but patches helps to make it harder for the criminals to get a foothold or access to your system Keeping Android up to date should be easy as the updates and patches are out there, Google is actively...
  14. H

    Problems changing sterling to lira

    I went to Mugla today to change some sterling to lira. I went to two banks (Ing bank and garanti bank) and both asked for Turkish id along with my uk passport. When I explained that I had no such Id they refused to change the money. Has anybody else had this problem?
  15. A89

    demand 5 problems

    Anyone else unable to get any programs to play on Channel 5 iplayer? alison
  16. L

    Problems with e-ikamet renewal.

    Hi all, Trying to renew my ikamet online...the system takes me to the end of the form, and the final screen where it has options like "check on the status of your application" and "print your application" but the print option is not available, which makes it impossible to send the thing in. And...
  17. suzyq

    Turkish Border Problems

    Seems like Turkey isn't about to seal it's borders anytime soon. Turkey gives the cold shoulder to US proposal to seal Syria border - MIDEAST
  18. G

    Akbank problems

    hi on tlf, I am having trouble accessing my Turkish Akbank account. When trying to log in I am not receiving my mobile pass therefor cannot access account. Is anyone else having this problem at the moment as I have managed to access it several times previously over the last few months
  19. S

    Phone problems

    Good afternoon to all you lovely members , a query really . I use a call plan with Virgin media in the UK to call a turkish vodaphone number in Turkey. Basically for a fixed amount I can call anywhere in the world either landline or mobile for a certain amount of minutes per month.over the years...
  20. mollag

    Grexit, UK problems.

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