1. L

    Storm sewer water backup problem

    Looking for plumbing advice. Very heavy rains recently resulted in property basements being flooded. i am assuming ( perhaps wrongly) that the cause was storm drain backup. The water came through the toilet and shower drains causing a good few inches of lying water. Other than sealing the drains...
  2. G

    Visa and BTinternet email address problem (Aug.2019)

    I'm currently in England. I tried to obtain evisa (via for myself and Galaxy Boy in advance a forthcoming visit to Turkey. We have email addresses (more than one!) but having inputted all the information from our passports, we could not receive the email...
  3. B

    Garanti BBVA Bank online access problem

    Since Garanti joined forces with BBVA recently, I have not been able to access their website. The error message shows ''Cannot securely connect to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings.'' I have tried using most of the sites (Turkish) shown...
  4. B

    Android box problem

    Hi folks, I set up a few boxes for friends and neighbours but have just come across a problem I have not had before. I set up a new box no problem put it on my friends tv and it says no signal!! now his tv is a flat screen but it is about 7 years old, put his old box back on his tv and it comes...
  5. S

    Teb bank problem

    God knows why but I opened up an account with TEB simply because my preferred bank (HSBC) does not open accounts for complexes. I was given a pin code for what I thought was internet banking but apparently not - it is for telephone banking ! My problem is that when I phone the local Turkish...
  6. oldfogy

    Ms exel problem

    Hi guys or Gals, I need DESPERATE HELP please asap. Yes I had this problem once before on this PC back in June and now back in Turkey on the same PC the problem has come back and I don't know how I resolved or got out of it last time. Basically when I open a new or existing worksheet and as...
  7. immac

    Power Problem

    I was looking for the thread about surge protectors, but gave up. I have a sophisticated system of surge protectors, RCDs UPS etc which I am generally reassured by. Over the last month my board has been tripping off in the middle of the night. My electrician tested the system and found 160V on...
  8. oldfogy

    MS Exel problem

    After suffering a bout of Activation errors as it was updated to Win7 here in Turkey earlier this year and can't complain for what I was charged and he sorts it each time for free. But now when I open a page in Excel when I click on any cell I automatically get the drop-down list and the...
  9. S

    Chinese thieves brick problem!!!!!
  10. W

    Water meter problem

    The display on our pre pay card type water meter has gone totally blank, does anyone know if there is a battery inside somewhere? Not only is it impossible to see how much water we have left on credit but will not be able to register any top up on the card, our meter is a white one where most of...
  11. A

    Captcha problem

    Hello. I have a number of sites that I need to complete a captcha to sign in. On my normal laptop I have ni proble but I sometimes have to use a second laptop that keeps giving error to the completed captcha. I have downloaded adobe flash player as this is required but still not working. Tried...
  12. T

    problem with longterm residency website

    Hi everyone, As of yesterday and today,is anyone experiencing problems with the 'Longterm residency website'?We are able to complete to the end of 'Personnel information section 2' then click on 'next',then the system comes up with a screen with a message saying 'Technical failure has occurred...
  13. richbake

    Problem getting money out of Akbank

    Whilst I no longer live in Turkey I still go back frequently and have retained my Akbank savings and current accounts. Until recently I never had any problem in withdrawing from my savings a/c at any time. If it was outside the 32 days of the a/c period I merely lost that month's interest; fair...
  14. M

    Firestick problem

    I'm having problems with my firestick .Ive not been able to watch anything for a couple of months . I've just been onto youtube to see if I could get any help there and was trying to download firetvguru but it was already installed and then it just took me back to programs and system . The...
  15. christella

    Computer problem win 7

    I keep getting a page coming up saying wait or kill the computer goes dead Any ideas
  16. G

    Garanti Bank on-line access problem

    For many days I have been trying unsuccessfully (two or three times a day) to access my Garantibank accounts on line. I successfully enter my username, password, validation code (as displayed in the box you have to copy). I enter my UK-registered mobile number and successfully receive a single...
  17. W

    bike rack electrics problem

    Apologies for the non Turkish flavour of this thread but I am hopeful one of the members will be able to help me out. I am leaving for a 2 week trip around Cornwall tomorrow in the motorhome and as usual I went to attach the bike rack onto the vehicle towbar. One indicator working - the other...
  18. W

    Rat Problem Akbuk

    for the first time since we arrived in Turkey 10 years ago there has been a fair number of reports from neighbours re rats in their properties. Checked a neighbour's house today , noticed obvious signs of rat urine/droppings , followed the trail downstairs to the bedroom and spied 2 - poking...
  19. A

    start problem

    Hello. When I switch on my laptop all I get is a blank screen. I have to keep pressing the F* button when I switch on to get the welcome screen. Is my laptop on the way out?
  20. Jaycey

    Des has a problem...

    Kuwait develops 'sea city' that brings Persian Gulf 6 miles inland | Daily Mail Online I imagine that property prices may be out of reach for many TLFers except for Des of course - but those moorings look a tad cramped for his super yacht :(
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