1. W

    Private Health Insurance - Residence Permit

    I know this has been dealt with before, but as things are changing with Covid-19 etc I would appreciate some advice for private health insurance for a 12 or 24 months residence permit. Is there a company in Turkey that will give unlimited cover to expats even for people with pre- existing...
  2. T

    Complex or Private Villa

    Hello guys when I introduced myself last month I said we were looking at the possible purchase of a villa in the Fethiye area. I am looking for opinions / suggestions on buying in either a complex or private villa. What do you consider the plus and minus of both ? Regards Tony
  3. S

    Turkey to outlaw smoking in private cars

    Smoking of drivers in private vehicles to be illegal in Turkey - HEALTH
  4. A

    Job Vacancy in Ortaca private school as an English Teacher

    Hi dear friends.My colleque iş looking for a native speaker of English for a private school. Plase contact me if you would like to work.My GSM 05363215667.
  5. R

    private messages

    Hi I have not been a member for very long so I'm still finding my way around the site. I have had a couple of private messages sent to me recently of which I would really like to reply to, but I think I must be doing something wrong, as the messages are failing to send,can someone point me in...
  6. suzyq

    Gov’t blocks access of 21 private hospitals to social security

    Unfortunately the article only names 1 hospital. If you are going to use private hospitals it would be wise to ensure they accept SGK even if you have used them before. The Social Security Institution (SGK) has unilaterally canceled its contracts with 21 privately run hospitals without citing...
  7. M

    Inquiry about private drivers

    Hi there, I have my own car and I'm looking for a private driver in Ankara, what is the average salary for a private driver? How to find one? Is there's any sort of agencies, online services...etc that can help us to find a driver? and thanks in advance

    Sgk or private health insurance

    A friend is moving to Turkey and has been asking me whether he should get SGK or private health insurance for his RP application. Can any of you folk recommend which is the preferred option, bearing in mind cost and service levels. Thanks in advance.
  9. IbrahimAbi

    UK Private plane crash

    It seems that the plane that crashed into the car auction was carrying members of the Bin laden family:
  10. C

    Private Insurance

    having problems getting Insurance for 65+, when it comes up it is extortionate. any ideas please, I have also read insurance after 65 not required, but need it for Residence permit.
  11. Mushtaq

    Private donors from Gulf Oil States Helping to Bankroll Salaries of Up to 100,000 ISI

    Islamic State is still receiving significant financial support from Arab sympathisers outside Iraq and Syria, enabling it to expand its war effort, says a senior Kurdish official. The US has being trying to stop such private donors in the Gulf oil states sending to Islamic State (Isis) funds...
  12. S

    Private car parks near Dalaman

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and after a bit of help. Does anyone have a contact phone no./email and approx cost per day for private car parking near Dalaman Airport. Also, I have a friend who is looking for a reliable firm or private individual to transfer about 5-8 cu. metres of...
  13. M

    Private pool

    Hi any one know how much does it cost a year for up keeping of pool thanks
  14. S

    Private mail as me stumped!

    I would be grateful if anyone can explain this please, as it has me totally stumped and confused. This afternoon I sent a text to a colleague (on my mobile) straight after my phone beeped and thinking it was my colleague replying I looked at my text ( which was apparently from her and when I...
  15. D

    Dog poisoned in private garden

    Yesterday a dog who was due to go to Scotland to a new home was poisoned and died as a result of someone throwing chicken laced with LANET 90 organo phosphate plant chemical. The contaminated meat was thrown into a private garden late Sunday night in the Koycegiz/Zeytinalani area. This act of...
  16. bickern

    Turks overwhelmingly opposed to gov't interference in private lives

    A recent survey has shown that the Turkish public is overwhelming opposed to the government interfering in private lives, with a significant number of people saying the government has actually been meddling in the private sphere. The survey by the MetroPOLL Strategic and Social Research Center...
  17. suzyq

    SGK approves regulation allowing private hospitals to charge 200 pct in extra fees

    The Social Security Institution (SGK) has approved a regulation that will increase the percentage of extra fees charged by private health institutions from 90 to 200 percent. The regulation, which was prepared at the beginning of October by health officials, was passed by the SGK on Tuesday...
  18. R

    Private Transfer 29th August

    Does anyone fancy sharing the cost of a private transfer from BJV to Altinkum/Didim on the 29th August , the jet2 flight gets in around 10-30pm and it might save a bit of time , I will be one person with only hand luggage. Get in touch if anyone's interested.
  19. tomc1984

    Kara ada private boat trips(Black island)

    Anyone know of a small boat we could hire probably from Gumbet or Bitez for a trip to black island, only for about 10 people. Tour companies offering 900TL but think this is for a much larger party.
  20. G

    private pool

    Hi Everyone, Just had a swimming pool built on our property is it a requirement to have our tapu stamped/registered by the beledesi. Thanks
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