1. R

    Turkish Prisons please help

    Hi, I am in England and my Turkish boyfriend has been sentenced to 6 months in prison. He is currently in a closed prison in Istanbul. Could anyone tell me please how the Turkish prison systems work? Will he be able to go to an open prison after a few weeks? And also will he serve just half his...
  2. suzyq

    Turkey to build 207 prisons over 5 years

    Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin has announced plans for construction of 207 new prisons over the next five years. Ergin said that 75 of these were at the construction stage, 53 at the project stage, 50 of them at the planning stage, and 29 of them were at the bidding stage. LOCAL - Turkey to...
  3. Firebrand

    Turkey's enlightenment languishes, like the journalists in its prisons

    A year ago, police burst into the homes of two of Turkey's best investigative journalists, Nedim Sener and Ahmet Sik, and carted them off to prison where they remained until last night, charged with crimes so nebulous even prosecutors can't explain them. They are not alone. Turkey now holds the...
  4. carolk

    Child rapist to sue prisons re -slopping out!!

    Jeez, whatever next?? This man is a beast and should have nothing! :mad: Gleaves was jailed for 15 years in 1998 after being convicted of rape, attempted rape, incitement of one boy to rape another, and three counts of indecent assault. Papers lodged with the court by Gleaves in 2006, kept...
  5. bobthenob

    Modified prisons

    The prison population in Britain has increased every year without any of the signs of relenting.This means the politicians has to increase taxes to feed the growing population,but they still do not build anymore prisons. "SO",what is the alternative to prisons that is costing the countries law...
  6. immac

    Prisons Are Full

    From ZAMAN: Prisons packed, amnesty discarded The government seeks to reduce the number of inmates held in prisons through introducing imposition of public or community service for certain crimes in response to the growing prison population crisis, as the number of inmates reaches record...
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