1. bickern

    16-year-old gets 4.5 years in prison for kissing 13-year-old

    A court in the southern province of Antalya has handed down a prison sentence of four years and six months to a 16-year-old boy for kissing 13-year-old girl at school. “The expert report about the high schooler [with the initials] A.K. has emphasized that he had undertaken this action with the...
  2. Camden

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe returns to Iranian prison

    I hope the UK's answer to Trump ...Boris reflects on the results of his folly "speaking before thinking" in his part in the extension of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe sentence ....... As she again is returned back into an Iranian prison after a short break with her child ... her husband was refused...
  3. S

    Prison policy

    We oft hear the rambling right complain about various details of the prison system including the policy of cell allocation Why can't this type of chap be put in a 2 man cell with a 6' 2" Muslim...
  4. I

    Ilica Prison

    Apparently this is now going to be built.
  5. Jaycey

    Could you survive in a Russian prison?

    ... . . Should you ever be so unfortunate as to wind up in a Russian prison you’ll be glad you brushed up your survival skills here…
  6. A

    Update on George in Alanya Prison

    I have just been informed that George will be in Alanya Prison for 2 years. No other information forthcoming at present. Does anyone else know? Perhaps A89 Alison? I have sent him 2 x letters - - the second one enclosed the baseball cap with GEORGE on it - - have heard nothing from him...
  7. A

    George in Alanya Prison Now

    I have been in the UK for the past 3 months and returned to Side a week ago but I have been unable to contact my good friend George, the local tour operator. His offices are all shut up, with the blinds down and locked. He does not respond to his emails or phone calls and I have been worried...
  8. Kingfisher

    Erdoğan’s prison conditions in 1999

    This article was an eye-opener for me. Erdo?an?s prison conditions in 1999 - MEHMET Y. YILMAZ
  9. immac

    Prison Problems

    I was listening to a news bit about current problems throughout the UK prisons; I used to work with an ex-prison officer who would explain some of the Spanish Practices that went on to the benefit of officers. One annual regular is trouble kicking off during October and November. The officers...
  10. A

    Prison to be built in Illica

    Apparently they are currently building a 350 acre prison in Illica. Does anyone have any further details?
  11. S

    Will Meral Aksener be sent to prison or create her own party?

    I'm a supporter of Meral Aksener.......people allege she is a part of feto.....will she go to prison, for that or for later down the road, insulting a politician when she is not a part of any party at the moment?
  12. juco

    Tents on release from prison

    Prisoners at a women's jail in Surrey were given tents and sleeping bags on their release because they had nowhere to live, it has emerged. How long before we are classed as a third world country. It is estimated Sweden will be in 14 years time.
  13. bickern

    Boy aged 4 is sentenced to life in prison for murder

    As cock ups go this has to be up there with them. I dad to double check it wasn't April 1st. A four-year-old boy has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty on a murder charge. Ahmed Mansour Karni wasn't in court on Tuesday when he was convicted and sentenced of the crime...
  14. Spurs

    Off to prison in the sun !!!

    There's your foreign aid.................... UK to build £25m Jamaican prison - BBC News You just couldn't make it up.
  15. suzyq

    Turkey/EU Prison Reform Program

    Turkey and the EU have concluded a program on harmonizing prison standards, during which 1000 hours of training where given to prison officers. Turkey, EU conclude prison reform program - RIGHTS
  16. B

    38 years in prison for bomber.

    Iraq bomber trial: Why Anis Sardar was convicted in UK - BBC News Personally I don't think he should ever be released. Bill.
  17. B

    Smoking ban in prison.

    BBC News - Smoking ban laws apply to prison communal areas, judge rules Will this ruling create unrest in prisons? Bill.
  18. suzyq

    Children torturing children in juvenile prison

    Shocking really and after reading the article I wondered if this sort of thing may be happening in other countries as well? Children torturing children in notorious Turkish juvenile prison: Report - CRIME
  19. bickern

    Please tell me she is in prison

    I really hope this woman has been imprisoned. I don't know the age of the clip or the circumstances in which it was filmed but the woman is disgusting.
  20. bickern

    prison sentences for chanting anti-Erdoğan slogan

    Ouch!!!! I can hardly believe this report. ---------------------------------------------------- As heated debates about oppression of freedom of speech continue across the country, an Eskişehir court has announced its verdict in a trial into 17 defendants charged with chanting a slogan...
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