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    Gutted Denied Boarding

    Well I thought I had all in Order, and skipped the PCR test, as The UK Gov site tells folks they only need a Double Vax cert now for Turkey entry, I had this printed out, however on Check-in, after a bit of back n forth they put my details .ABZ AMS IST into Travel Doc, and sure enough it came...
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    SGK = not leave TR for 12 months prior

    I was it the SGK office today to apply. Having Ikamet for over 1 year, i was rejected because one must not leave Turkey for 12 months prior to application, which i had for 2 short trips That was new to me.
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    Why are land registry searches not carried out in Turkey prior to buying?

    Why are land registry searches not carried out to make sure no charges are set against a property in Turkey? Surely the conveyancing solicitor acting for you carries out these searches before you sign any papers or pay any money? I know that in the UK solictors do 2 land registry searches...
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    payment prior to military clearance

    I am due to pay for a property by 27/1/07 as agreed on the contract I signed. It appears though that my military clearance will not be through by then. Therefore the tapu (deeds) can not be put in my name. Any advice what to do, 3 options as I see it: 1. As agreed pay on 27/1/07 and put the...
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