1. northpole

    Finger Prints Of The Gods

    Has anyone read this book from the auther named Graham Hancock.l find it very interesting about what has happened and what is about to happen.
  2. L

    Prints onto canvas

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Fethiye where I can get photos canvassed please.
  3. shazeroo

    Bodrum Voices - Paw Prints Articles Wanted

    Hi there - each week in the Bodrum Voices paper we have been allocated a section for animal welfare issues and animal related stories. So far I have written all the articles, but we are really hoping to get some fresh writers for a change. So, if you have a story or something to say about...
  4. spitfire

    40 free prints

    Get 40 FREE 6x4" prints of your digital photos from ebuyer photo service! To claim simply: 1 ) Sign up with your email address and chosen password. 2 ) Upload your photos and you will receive credits for 40 FREE 6x4" prints. 3 ) Place your order and your prints will be delivered straight...
  5. jcrian

    Art Prints

    We have found it difficult trying to find pictures that we liked in Turkey. There is a good website where they have over half a million prints catering for all tastes called Allposters. Our first order has just arrived and we will take them out with us and have them framed in Turkey. We have...
  6. peter the postie

    Truprint ..50 prints for 50p

    Trueprint online have a nice offer on. Go Here and Use Coupon code PENNYAPRINT at the checkout.
  7. G

    How do I order prints online????

    O.K, I've just spent the best part of the last 2 hours trying to order photos online. It'll let me get so far, and then nada. I have selected the photos that I want to get printed via picasa, I've chosen and registered with a provider, but I'm getting nowhere fast! Any ideas for failsafe...
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