1. S

    Photo printing?

    Hi, can someone please let me know if there are any photo printing shops in the Konakli/Alanya area. Normal 6x4 album photos. I'm thinking of taking a few hundred(!) photos on a CD or USB stick to be printed off. I'm assuming it'll be a lot cheaper over here than in the UK, please let me know of...
  2. C


    Does anyone know the name of a printer in Yalikavak. I know where there are photocopy shops but I need a proper printing service. HELP!!
  3. niamh

    T shirt printing

    Does anyone know where you can get tshirts printed with your own sdesign in/near Dalyan? I've looked at online printers but would rather go in somewhere to explain what I want. Cheers x
  4. suecheshireuk

    printing off a bank statement

    Well, we are totally baffled on this one. We are trying to print off a Garanti bank statement, and all we are getting is the bank logo with no other info on it. Has anyone any ideas? We have in the past printed them off without a problem so can't understand why we now have this problem...
  5. T

    Europe's first 3D printing cafe opens doors

    Technology is wonderful, the first 3D printing cafe opened in Barcelona, I can't wait till they open one in the UK looks like great fun.
  6. Struggs

    Printing Problem

    OS: XP SP3, printer HP 1200 psc series. When I try to print I get, the document cannot be printed due to a system error, have searched the internet and tried a couple of suggestions including uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail. Printer is OK as have tried this on my Brother's computer...
  7. J

    Internet and Printing Facilities - Dalyan

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if there is an Internet Cafe /Internet Access with printing facilities in Dalyan? We will be over on holiday shortly and are required to reprint our airline tickets if there are any changes to them prior to travel. As much as I am looking forward to my visit, I don't...
  8. gerald

    ASDA Free Photo Printing Offers

    ASDA Photo Printing - Free ASDA Photo Print offers, Shop Reviews & Guide Latest ASDA Free Photo Printing Offers: Sign-up and get 40 FREE prints Sign-up as a new member of ASDA and get 40 FREE photo prints. If you join now, the membership is absolutely free and 40 free prints will be added to...
  9. J

    Finger printing at school

    I don't know if I am being a bit "big brother watching me" etc, but I have something I want to share. My son is about to start secondary school in September, he is 11. The school are introducing a biometric dinner money system. His fingerprints will be taken and money allocated to him will...
  10. P

    printing pics from forum

    First of all, am I allowed to print some of the lovley photos featured on the forum, I would want to use them as reference for painting. secondly, how do I do it? (I'm an artist not a techno genius) and when I did try all I got was a pale yellowish/green faint print. Could this be my elderly...
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