1. A89

    Printers died

    My printer that I brought from England has finally died this morning. I'm going to need to buy a new one here, any recommendations?? Needs to be VERY simple to use, just cant be doing with learning anything complicated, lifes toooo short!! My other is a Cannon ip3300 very simple. Will...
  2. L


    hi guys not sure if anyone will be able to help me..............but am looking to buy a new printer. mine has just about given up the ghost but it was just a cheapie. i live in akbuk so am looking to buy one in altinkum. now what i know about computers and printers you can write on the back...
  3. M

    Any internet cafes with printers?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if there is an internet cafe in Alanya that has the ability to print? Or what the turkish word is for printer so that I can go in and ask?
  4. D

    Printers in Yalıkavak area?

    Does anyone know of any (good) professional printers in or near Yalıkavak? I'm looking for something more than a guy with an inkjet printer and some card, without the travel into Bodrum. Thanks, Dave.
  5. Miss Money Penny


    We have an HP photo smart printer/scanner will we be able to get the ink cartridges in the Bodrum area or would it be better to buy a new one in Turkey?
  6. L

    compatible printers

    hi guys right............ we are buying a new lap top to bring over with us but what we were wondering it possible to get a compatible printer and if so where from (altinkum area) and an idea of cost please. or would it just be easier to buy one in the uk and bring it with...
  7. the sausage king

    Looking for a printers

    Can anyone recommend a quality printers, for brochures etc in Bodrum.
  8. shirleyanntr

    printers of bibles killed.

    There has been a dreadful attack on a publishing house in Malatya today. At present there are mixed reports coming out whether its an attack because they publish christian material or if its tied into the murder of Hrant Dink..the editor that was murdered in istanbul a month or so ago....and...
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