1. mollag

    printer perfect.

  2. J


    Seeking a small cheap printer to use with my laptop??
  3. D

    3 in 1 printer?

    Can I get a 3 in 1 printer/scanner/copier and a laminator at Kipa in Calis or the big Migros in Fethiye? Or even the big Kipa in Fethiye? Also a PAYG phone with a Turkish SIM card? Which one is best? Thanks in advance.
  4. K

    Printer problem

    Can anybody help me I am having a problem printing out my tickets from Thomas Cook. The printer prints out on other sites but not on Thomas Cook site. Thanks in advance.
  5. J

    printer ink

    does anyone know a shop in kusadasi that would fill ink cartridges instead of having to buy a new one for a printer
  6. T

    Help with Printer

    I haven't used printer for ages, today I tried printing and only get blank pages. Checked preview pane sure enough blank apart from date at bottom and one line teccy detail file://etc----------- and page number at top. Does anybody know how to get the detail/messages back on for printing. I...
  7. shirleyanntr

    which printer inkjet or laser

    i need a new printer my hp inkjet has conked out and i cant be bothered sorting it out yet again...its been a pain so which is best as the laser printers are now affordable to buy but what about toners versus cartridges ive been looking at a little samson laser with a starter toner any...
  8. altinkum kev

    Windows 8 printer.

    Having trouble finding a new printer that is windows 8 compatible ,anyone out there using one that they can recommend .
  9. mamish

    Lexmark printer on offer

    I have a Lexmark S305 wireless printer that I brought with me from the UK a few months ago. It wasn't new and it has stopped working with a "printhead not supported" error. I have tried everything suggested to get it working, short of getting a new printhead which is too expensive to bother...
  10. A89

    New printer problems!

    Bought my new printer today and cant get it to print text properly. It prints a line or couple of lines,then leaves a gap, then another line or couple of lines and so on. The help section is useless and the things it says that will come up after clicking on something do not appear. I cant find...
  11. M

    HP Photosmart Printer HP 8050

    Hi Everyone I have a printer hardly used and has been reliable and easy to use. You dont even need a computer to use the printer and it prints great pictres. Here is product information I found on Ebay, Together with the printer there is 2xCD and the manuals and quick start leaflet that...
  12. bickern

    Chocolate printer to go on sale after Easter

    What better thread to put this in than The Cafe. Chocolate printer to go on sale after Easter The UK scientists who developed a prototype chocolate printer last year say they have now perfected it. They hope to have the machine on sale at the end of April - just missing the Easter egg rush...
  13. shirleyanntr

    printer inkjet or laser

    i need a new printer and ink is so expensive.. can you tell me which is the cheapest inkjet or laser i print about 60 to 70 A4 pages a week for my Turkish lessons and also write a lot of letters so a cartridge never lasts long.. at the moment i have a HP deskjet which was very cheap and...
  14. C

    canon printer

    hi ive bought a new printer i tryed to print some flight tickets of and instead of printing the tickets there all kinds of bumf about thomas cook but no tickets theres 15 pages of rubbish. im not very clued up and dont know what to do have reinstalled it and still no joy help please
  15. Minajayne

    Printer deleting WIFI - help

    Hi, need some advice as my printer is being naughty..! Have installed a HP printer onto my laptop, however, each time i use it...the printer driver deletes the WIFI driver. I then have to reinstall the WIFI. Any suggestions how to avoid/ammend this gratefully received. Mina
  16. R

    Hewlett Packard 3 in 1 printer - For Sale

    Hewlett Packard Deskjet F2280 colour printer, copier and scanner "All in one" For Sale. Perfect working order, includes new black and colour ink cartridge. 55TL. Contact by PM ...

    which printer to buy?

    the time has come to buy a new printer , my epsom all in one isn;t catching the paper correctly and is getting a bit weary. i still want an all in one , ive always gone for the epsom in the past as the ink cartridges are quite reasonable in price. anyone got any other suggestions of a good...
  18. B

    Photo Printer for sale BODRUM

    HP Photosmart Printer - HP Photosmart B8550 This is a great printer, ideal for photos, but can be used for general printing too. It prints 4x6 inch photo to A3 size!!! Cost new was 600TL but will sell for 150TL with a complete set of new cartridges included! For more information, please PM me
  19. maggie

    Printer problems.

    Today decided to use my printer and I am encountering the following problem. On off button will not turn off keeps flashing ,I cannot print anything .I have unplugged from mains,usb port ,and re plugged in still the same .I have uninstalled and tried to re install printer. It keeps comming up...
  20. K

    Printer not working

    I am really sorry that I seem to have brought air transport to a halt and filled BBC World with a wall to wall reporting at the cost of any other programmes. I only wanted a new print cartridge for my printer as I could hardly read the print outs. Somehow this seems to have thrown the world...
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