1. H

    BBOM Izmir

    Hi. I'm from Canada and we are thinking about moving to Turkey within 2 years. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of BBOM in Izmir? I believe they have opened but its very difficult to find any information/reviews about it. We have non-profit schools here but the model seems...
  2. lara

    Primary Homework....WTF

    Homework question set by New Stevenston Primary School, Lanarkshire. 3. Palestinians feel that they have the RIGHT to use terrorism against the Israelis. Give TWO reasons why they feel this. Use the information to help you. 4. Describe TWO examples of Palestinian terrorist activities.
  3. C

    Any parents with primary age children in Kuşadası

    Hi, I am busy in the early stages of planning to move our turkish/english family out from The UK to Turkey for a year (2 if all goes well). Kuşadası has been recommended to us and I just wondered if there any are parents on this forum who can recommend local (government) schools ? Whether...
  4. A

    Primary state school in antalya

    Hi everybody, I am new here, planning to relocate to Antalya from another little town in Turkey in a few months. Need advice regarding good reputation government primary school around Lara or any other nice suburb (not familiar with any of those yet) . Looking for a school which starts in the...
  5. W

    Primary school in Fethiye

    Hi everyone, My husband is Turkish and I am English, we currently live in the UK with our two daughters. The eldest will turn six in the autumn. We are seriously considering moving back to Fethiye this summer but I'm unsure about the education system. My husbands parents sent them to a state...
  6. Y

    Silkar primary school Gunlukbasi

    I am looking for some factual information about Silkar Ilkogretim in Gulnlukbasi from people who have sent their children there or who know people who have sent their kids there. - Thanks.
  7. C

    Primary Schools in Didim!

    I have posted a couple of times about primary schools in Didim, but no response apart from there are about 6 in Didim. Wondered if anybody has heard any stories, good or bad, any recommendations or even better have first hand experience. Many thanks Charlotte.:Flower:
  8. suzyq

    Primary Schoolgirl aged 5 could be UK's youngest victim of Forced Marriage/

    We often post about young marriages in Turkey and was shocked to see how much of it is going on in the UK. Primary schoolgirl aged five could be UK's youngest victim of forced marriage. She was one of an astonishing 400 children helped by the Government's Forced Marriage Unit during the last...
  9. E

    Primary school

    Hi everyone, I am moving to Ovacik in 2012 and wondered if anyone could tell me what the primary school in Ovacik/Hisaronu is like my son is 8yrs old, we already have a villa there bought it 3yrs ago.
  10. F

    primary school teacher

    Hi, İ have a 3 year old daughter who is bilingual Eng/Turkish and İ wonder are there any primary school teachers living in our area who could do some reading/ phonics lessons for her?
  11. A

    Marmaris Primary Schools?

    Hi everyone I have an 8 year old currently in Attaturk Primary School in Marmaris as he is fluent in Turkish fortunately ( He picked it up really fast! ), but I was wondering where everyone else ( English speaking ) might be sending their child to and what the annual cost is and your experience...
  12. PaulT

    Australian Primary School

    At school in Sydney the teacher asks the class the occupation of their fathers. The answers range from sheep farmer to doctor until she gets to little Bruce. Bruce says ' My Dad's a gay stripper. He works in a club and takes off all his clothes. Sometimes he goes back with men to their hotel...
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