1. S

    Fethiye pricing

    Have been told restaurant prices have risen quite dramatically in the Fethiye/Uzumlu general area over the past year Whilst still reasonable compared to U.K. prices it would appear many places have upped their prices in accordance with better exchange rates against Pound In other words where...
  2. Jaycey

    Property pricing

    Rather than intrude on another current thread I am starting another… I think many expats (including myself) are confused when selling/pricing their property. Let’s say you bought at €50,000 in 2011 when the exchange was 2.4 = 120,000 TL Now you want to sell at with an exchange rate of 3.6 =...
  3. Sha Hoorsur

    Minimum pricing for alcohol

    The SNP, in their infinite wisdom, have seen fit to introduce a minimum pricing for alcohol. This is apparently for our own good, can’t have the plebs enjoying a drink now, can we. But what really grates on my nerves is the sheer unadulterated, nanny state mentality of our illustrious elected...
  4. kemerkid

    Supermarket Pricing

    I'm looking after myself this week as my wife has gone away for a week with her sister. Anyway I went to Migros today to get some chips, ketchup and mayonnaise. The chips that I prefer were in two sizes 1kg and 2.5kg. 1kg bag 3.40TL 2.5kg bag 10.50TL. 3.40TL x 2.5 = 8.50TL. The mind boggles...
  5. B

    kas estate agents and pricing

    Can anyone recommend a good estate agent in Kas. HDT and Aura were mentioned by an expat. Last week Went into one ,liked the property ,priced in sterling as were them all. Then when after viewing and showed an interest ,was told the price in sterling was not correct as it was the Euro the...
  6. P

    Property developers out pricing themselves?

    The idea/dream of a holiday home is probably one that many people have and has become seen as an achieveable dream for ordinary people because of TV shows like 'a Place in the Sun' and the banks willingness to lend but its clear that once developers target an area and start building the prices...
  7. P

    Energy pricing.

    I got a letter from my energy supplier stating that they were increasing my monthly direct debit,which I thought fair do's,what with rising energy costs. Next day I got another letter from said supplier stating that I was £160 in credit,hold on what's happening here. I phoned them and was told...
  8. P

    Goldtrail pricing

    When getting a quote on line with Goldtail,various prices come up,with maybe a £10 or £20 difference for the same class,cabin class.Does anyone know why or what the difference is for?
  9. merlin

    Is it time to start a new pricing regime?

    Many of the posts we see on the forum are from members who have purchased properties but are unaware of the full costs involved to completion. Sometimes these costs escalate. I dont see the problem selling a property to a customer with all completion costs they would normally incur included in...
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