1. Tenpin

    News Think the UK petrol prices are expensive?

    Think the UK petrol prices are expensive? How we fare in the top 10 countries with the priciest pumps in the world Extract: If you thought the UK was expensive...
  2. Tenpin

    News Alcohol prices in Finland highest in EU last year

    Alcohol prices in Finland highest in EU last year Extract: Finland was the fifth most expensive country in the EU in 2021 in terms of consumer prices in general, behind Denmark, Ireland and Luxembourg. Finland had the highest prices for alcoholic beverages in...
  3. Tenpin

    News Retail prices in Istanbul rises 11 percent

    Retail prices in Istanbul rises 11 percent Extract: Retail prices in Istanbul increased by 11.4 percent in April from March, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) has said. That came on top of the 6.29 percent...
  4. E

    Alanya new male haircut prices

    Cut 40 tl, shave 20 tl, colour 80 tl, child 25 tl. Just some of the new prices.
  5. S

    Booze prices in Turkey

    Went into a bar in Fethiye today Bottle of Miller, 33cl 35 lira- thats roughly €5.40 Same drink in Spain regular price €1.95, weekly offer price €1 Madness
  6. S

    How to get the best flight prices during school holidays

    I would like to know if there is a way to get affordable half board or all inclusive deals to Dalaman region without lying to the school. I'm in London. Monarch is dead. Lowcost holidays is dead but Brexit is well and truly alive with market forces poised to put us all into solitary confinement...
  7. S

    Electricity prices

    A down side of telling ex Pat's here about wonderful Turkey is I then get asked a lot about current prices for food electricity etc of which I am totally out of touch I appreciate this varies a lot but for say a 3 bedroom normal house set up what are monthly running costs for electric thesedays
  8. IbrahimAbi

    Some current prices in Turkey

    I Could not find a suitable thread so I thought I would start one. It may be useful for TLF members living in Turkey to share their experiences of buying unusual items to give others an idea of what they can expect to pay. Last week we bought some logs to burn in winter over the next few years...
  9. K

    Gas & Electricity Prices up again.

    A third rise in prices for both domestic and industrial consumers was announced today October 1st. The triple tariff overnight banding charges will be higher than the single tariff rises. A commentator said that rises announced on the first day of a month are not taken into account for...
  10. Tenpin

    Steel Door Fitting Prices

    Hi Anyone had one of the steel doors fitted recently who can tell me how much (roughly) fitting costs would be? We've seen a door in Koctas, but they don't install them and the guy we spoke to didn't know about fitting costs or recommendations. Thanks Garry
  11. S

    Ireland House Prices

    Every now and then I cast my eyes southward longingly looking at houses in the 26 Jesus wept the prices are staggering with parts of Dublin now dearer than posh areas of London Some day....some day
  12. suecheshireuk

    Uzumlu house prices.

    Well, after going house hunting in and around Uzumlu, we were surprised to find there wasn't alot in our price range. the agents say there has been a price increase in the area due to demand out stripping supply, which is good to hear for owners. We also discovered Seydikemer, which we really...
  13. suzyq

    Petrol/Diesel prices up

    Gasoline prices continue to burn a hole in Turkish citizens’ wallets, with a 16 kuruş hike set to go into effect early on April 14. “A 16 kuruş increase is expected to go online in gasoline prices as of April 14,” the Petroleum Products Employers’ Union (PÜİS) said in a statement on April 13...
  14. D

    House prices? Historical & current trends

    Hi Has anybody come across any figures/graphs for prices over the last 5 years say? Also interested in current 'average prices' Yes I know 'prices' are very subjective but I'll give +-10% either way lol ;-) Thanks in advance!
  15. immac

    Dairy Prices

    Is it just my imagination, or has there been a very large hike in the price of dairy produce. I shop mainly in the Kipa/Migros/Sok stores, and milk and cheese seems to have gone up by around 25%. Cheaper milk, which was 1.85, has disappeared. Local (TR) Cheese and butter seems to have really...
  16. A

    Datca Airport Transfer prices

    Dear Datca Friends & Turkish Living Members, can you kindly let me know how much you have recently paid for taking the minibus from Transfer Datca to Dalaman airport? It would be great if you could share this information with us. Greetings from London.... but we will be in Datca next week :-)))))
  17. P

    Kalkan prices

    We are coming to Kalkan in June. I haven't been there since 2004, could someone give me an idea of prices, i.e. boat trips, average restaurant meal and drinks. We are staying at the Caretta so prices would be round the harbour and town area. Thanks
  18. S

    England property prices

    Property prices here in the North of Ireland are traditionally waaaaaay behind good areas of England. Even with a minor pick up recently things are still bad. However on the news this week there were house prices mentioned in London which I had to listen to twice to make sure I heard them...
  19. Helenm150

    Yearly inflation rate of food and non-alcoholic prices in Turkey

    "It is evident that Turkey’s food prices were on a constant steady rise between the years 2003–2015. In the twelve year period food prices in the world have seen % 69.5 increase, as for Turkey % 195 as of August 2016. When we look at this year alone food prices in Turkey have risen % 7.8 as for...
  20. S

    Rental Prices

    Hello Please can anyone tell us what rental costs are for a long term rent for a 2/3 bed private villa with and without a pool in the Ovacik/Hisaronu region. We are first time renters and have only seen villas that charge Tourist prices. We are looking to stay for the forseeable future. Any...
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